Food Fund: San Diego Kings

Friday, November 10th


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Everybody showing up Johnson at least who'd hang out of these cafe in Bologna next to Kaiser prop 85. Out representing a wonderful morning. As we are trying to stock the shelves of the San Diego food bank in the sports and it's always been brought on by Albertson's stock up on your every favors during their stock sale. Effective and our since it's just a little cooler they look highs in the upper sixty illegally at navy team in the scene eagle kings here in San Diego we knew about them. Basketball is back in San Diego Euro but we didn't know is just how involved you guys are dedicated to serving the community. Until we had our giant giving you the peace and last month Abraham from the scene do you kings you guys came out representing you brought that XT broad support he bought love it like dealing. A lot of smiles to people's faces a forceful thinking for that moment. Thank you we really appreciate that in the human piece I was so awesome. Everyone's still talking about it it was definitely one of our favorite events we dentist energy atmosphere the type of crap that you guys brought out it was amazing we're just happy to be a part of that. We have the mayor of Las Vegas sign yesterday. And she sends her love and think YouTube because we also have a kiss when the listener. Who had problems that picture up and bring it means going to Las Vegas right now so note that. Nicer in that sooner we appreciate wanted to let you know that they know about it too so. As if that wasn't enough he got the whole team here again in these guys came stock. With canned goods and food and it's who is do you think you look much. Yeah you know we had Harper's game last week in we want to be a part of the canned food drive with you guys so what we did was opened up the the game where you brought 10-Q and did you got into the game for free rein in everything did you got equal to dollars that was a great turnout you know we had over five and let the in a scandal and economic policy community we got. Pockets for Palin I did I know they're all like yeah. I. No doubt houses like look this year. Day by day we get we get better. We took a loss of one Saturday you. Teams doctor. I like our like our team electrical just we got a great courses that from coast that your post Louie goes Corey. Whose race goes here got great owners you have great owners. It it helps a lot so you get supported owners. Support your community and our you know our guys know is big basketball and that's what we preacher and a U. Coach it's well Saturday we're in Tucson. So incentives aren't Sunday we may choose not really or Saturday. And and we back home for two games. Next two weeks Saturdays at gross. All home games are correct yes but it wont question you guys already had your dance team tryouts but they put him with veteran now. I don't know I don't mind standing up there doing it's doing it you're issuing an 88. On the dividend dot I think he's watching it. Denny they debuted on eight. How's the building to me after every. Game that. You can basketball guys thank you so much again thank you and your server to the community is not being overlooked we really appreciate that very much thank you it's always community first with this we appreciate you got evidence right OK you know what everyone turned out it was such a great events. So excited that. To see this community come together for every one in and filling these clippings. Shelves because as we said it if he is with him Laura's 5% of the food thing is is home. The rest our work the only hardworking families who just. Can't bring enough to eat and that's why we can do this and when we can help out the and we see with our eyes we have the food. Disperse a different ethnic on its attributed distributed via I mean military and we are out there that does. Again. Acceptable and unacceptable all right Andy the kings think it was for. Yeah.