Food Fund: San Diego School of the Creative & Performing Arts

Friday, November 10th


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Danny this is something that we couldn't. Totally get into. That's the San Diego school of creative and performing arts and anybody that works really hasn't been in high school theater earlier younger yet just about I mean that's one of the one common things that we have something that we loved and we found that. A unique way to utilize those talents. We are joined by Richard Trujillo he's your artistic director of pronouncing your last in my correct Richard that is the threat or awesome you're the artistic director of the San Diego school creative and performing arts. What a great job you have. Oh man it's a dream job a pinch myself every morning in just say I'm just I'm the luckiest man on. Pace of the year it's always is different than quote unquote regular school. Well we've what we've got it a CP is a dual curriculum your students have to audition to get into the school. It's pretty competitive. When a student on distance they Edison for specific program study in nature we've got five majors five different programs study. All of our programs of study back to the post secondary so it's designed to get students. Politician ready or portfolio review ready for the post secondary so have you ever. We have the famous alumni who could talk about we've got to view. We've got some some folks that does some might know one might not Charles Brown who was nominated for the Tony award for Motown. A Christian Hoffman won the Tony award for Jersey boys. But some more famous folks are so out of Ramirez who won the Tony for Camelot the c.'s doctor Cali Torres on Grey's Anatomy right and my son. Lou Romano who is the voice of linguine. In ratatouille. And currently one of the biggest pop stars out there right now intraday. So cool yeah. A great job you have. The San Diego school of creative and performing arts and it's artistic director Richard trio thank you so much for joining us is going to celebrate this entire community. And feed the hungry this community as well. I don't have really not. Son Timmy you guys are amazing thank you for what you guys do I'll endlessly thinking man you appreciate that very much. And we can't have. Food fund anywhere without our good friend. Jim laurels from the CD of food bank tight gym the morning guys Sega CEO. Also San Diego food prefer exalted ruler but they can't Oakland. Men to become an oil to meet them outward not. So we have got our second of three food funds this season Jim. This is our. I believe our statistics here working with you. Every year I get more impressed by the amount of barrels that we feel and by the amount of murky as soon loyalists as they continue to show up. I think North County is much is if it in whose legacy as a North Korean. Has its its its. A great competition going on right now is out there absolutely are Jim I want you to answer this question for me too because when people give a dollar it's worth more than a dollar at the CD to for being cracked. Yes we can actually take one dollar leveraged that in the five meals because of our heat volunteer base of food donations we do we buy ball we can next to one dollar. There's that in the five meals so I don't know enough proper work donor dollar and go that far yet it's incredible incredible other misconceptions the moment about the food bank he went clear right now absolutely I mean we do serve the homeless but doubts that's less than 5% of ours are population. There were beaten 370000. People a month and that's active duty military and their dependents it's better and and it's children living in poverty it's seen as a fixed income and the working port so there are a lot of people in San UConn almost half a million their students here. Right that's a we're gonna try take care began rant on his cafe in a bone needs if you can't make it out here than please go to QSON dot com. And donate via our virtual food drive our Jim thanks for what you do doesn't think he got thank you you're accurately as awesome go bears.