Food Fund: Two Amazing Little League Teams

Friday, November 10th


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Johnson in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS ON we are at Tommy's Kathy Cambodia's I'll pay. Port giant Andy's food fun and we can't talk about this area without talking about Little League baseball's. Little leaguers in the world what's up east lake twice 78 all star. When I go. To your baseball player go. I think you. Ball my area. And hunt them they're targeting Hilton. Remember it's. Excellent dot com our virtual food fund as well the week of the guys cafe alleyway in this sports in the show is being rushed to buy out the auto club of Southern California. For free quote on insurance if you'd like to save just go to Tripoli dot com. Slash insurance a record they don't handsome son knowing some clouds coming in a little later and highs today in the sixty speaking of awesome little leaguers back into when he fifteen members we want to put us through that drill in the Little League World Series ride through. All right John Tammy in the morning our food fun continues as we are celebrating everything in the area bullied at Chula Vista area and of course. You can't talk this area without talking to the best Little League Baseball in the world literally the world. Coach Wharton and good morning welcome coach. What is in the water here makes all the outlets such gripping and and even joke and it's like another string that's what goes to what goes on Danica or the secret and you can't tell us now I think it's is that when a perk you win you know. In 2009 I think you've got everybody Hungary and probable you know is going year round so. You know a lot of baseball player. Because your personal question as a coach of of some really good athletes. The appearance in the way sometimes and because they want their kids to be I mean coming and I used to umpire a Little League heck can know the parents can really pretty at its usual words carefully when asked that question. You know it doesn't matter it's usually a two year stint I still have enemies on the way back all my goodness I. Our own business and I guess a part of the deal while coaching a Sweetwater valley league had to be watching your son play along Petroleos the other half is a must been so rewarding for you. Yeah there was not restrict what all the kids. And how was it to play for your dad walkers and a is that something that's. Is is a challenger what. Yeah I was period but he was always hard on me focal real do you think do you think he was harder on you than everybody else. Now value in about even how can Aaron did you ever get home and shut your door just like a law. And a. What does something that that nobody would know sitting here watching you guys playing in the league World Series between fifty that you guys experience with something that you could tell us that. No one else would know like. Our team work and we had together as a team like everyone's on the same page teasing you guys at a friend's father is your last. Those of us in the end I think that's it was a hard for you guys take it to come down. After appearing in Little League World Series of me to get on with the regular life when you when you guys got that means TV stars that. You know the athletes that you're it was very easy but they got they could jealous people I don't retain him and you don't like the cool people support Rainsy haters gonna hate Senora back. Then. That we're talking about the is lots of Little League now the he won and you want it. Give a shout out to any of your other teammates are kind of to migrate here talents adopts a Schmidt and Nate blank for the gross okay are there. That sounds pretty well. And it's done today in CDU. Our. May have noticed that the big. Down out eight and endgame middle iron curtain on its perfect all right. Thanks guys receivers what Sweetwater definitely.