Food Fund: Boarder Patrol and the Veteran of the Year

Friday, November 10th


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All right it's about. This time of morning that we use every morning and honor America the National Anthem but we before we do that. It's a couple more high fives on the way for those who serve and we've got Border Patrol agent Eduardo almost at larnaca vehicle you Eduardo says all right. Italian over 4003. How's it feel. I'm meeting and how long have you been at the Border Patrol and years map well what has been the most fulfilling part of what you do for you. Acting commissioner important. To secure border rights mean and mean rule that we have enemies in years. Right there's 3400 of us here in new systems on right to school with all due respect digitally when you were twelve people. I I don't know how low can now be of 39 it's almost my hot I doing and the leaders it was a retirement earlier in life product. It's been enemies and career lows at night and my family and myself and a what we do and every game it's it's it's it's opening. Well thank you it's a very dangerous job too and in weekly Q for putting your life out there. For to take care for everyone else and we appreciate that yet and we wish you lots of safety and children here he is very well thank you what you do and went against him he sets DC. All right and man this is really an honor as we've gotten veteran of the year with us as well he's very humble as him Bobble let's go and give his full name Robert moot. No that's. Youth I'm sorry. Congratulations and thank you for your service company some much it's a real honor to be here. An appetite having such an and the microphone prop. It up with everybody avenues. To public so Robert poses a little bit about your time in the service. Sir so I had the opportunity the privileged and honored service United States Marines so it's all my fellow Marines out there happy birthday today is the marine corps' birthday. Assam for Dallas and I served shortly after September 11 as what kind of drove meted to join the marine war and it's it's been quite a ride. Ever since so many of your Brothers and sisters have that same story 9/11 propelled them to do something a little extra than to Seattle I want to do something. Is there a bond around that between you and your Brothers and sisters. So I mean it really memory quarters is forever so I mean there's the folks who joined before and the folks who joined after 9/11 and it's it's pretty seamless but. But yeah absolutely it's it's been a real honor to the end of the year. Announced that its its its its very humbling there's there's a whole lot of people who are certainly much more deserving in and qualified and I am but but I appreciate and I'll do my best at. So I represent better SimCity accounting. We answer I would expect from the veteran of the year familiar to me that in the years that's right now. VO I. This. It was the thank you for your service happy veterans day. And into all lose your view how much we love you Europeans when we're never gonna stop honoring America and those who serve our country guys thank you very much stay safe. Probably great to meet you can read it again Bob I'm sorry. And he's in Chicago like nasal every knows what do we have the obvious and we did not go over your men extra year and how it's more. Yeah that's the air.