Food Fund: Meet the Athletes From the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Friday, November 10th


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We are celebrating not only getting you to get as many cans of a non. Food items as you can't river peanut butter is king protein is huge. Whatever you can spare we'd love it if you can spare. Alex would love that too if he or she can't get out here please go to kiss when dot com and take part in our virtual food drive sodium a day I had the pleasure of going out to the Chula Vista elite athlete training center which will formally with the Olympic Training Center. And I got the opportunity to meet some wonderful athletes. The next to that we're gonna talk to David and flexible blind and they participated in the paralympics. And their stories are really neat. I'm here with David and David. You wore a pair athlete that's been treating out here tell me tell me your story. Well I'm originally from Missouri born and raised in Kansas the age of fifteen months old came down with a disease called Kallis psyches. I visit and started decreasing when I was six years old after synergies new necessities. Tom got involved with drag and around the rest is history from there. So tell me about your time now I mean what are you train for what do you competed and what have you whine all that stuff I've been here five years now I've changed in any year. 2012 I went to one game. And got an American record there. 2013. To silver medalist actually won in the 408 point in the relay 2014 member of the weather records in. 100 and the few hundred meter has become the fastest toll blind athlete in the world and the first and only filly by an athlete to go under eleven seconds. Well championships. Gold since I guess you can say in 20172015. And a gold medal in Rio last year. So basically whatever you say your minds do you do it then you won't break a record to note that zinni being the only life king always elemental games though you go out and you put your mental above your physical ending you're able to accomplish it. It's fantastic team and they appreciate you sharing your story congratulations. Thank you you've been so I'm joined by lax and Lex what is your specialty. In in your sport I'm primarily a paralympic loans upper house or in the 100 muses well during the end also you have a disability but that hasn't hindered you at all got a hunch I'm not certain my allowed to get in my way Ambon and so and everything I do within the sport is based on sound I I can't believe that someone can do the long jumping. How do you know what it's time to jump. He had that single Mori you take all point nine among friends he's my guy in the stands at. He senate at that take on board he collapsing you know so that gives me. And honorable reference as learning to run ins are wrong and that's a great Iraq thank you for explain that I was wondering how that would work I am here. And sizes are Mitt Romney Charlotte take a run. Discuss possible sir as possible and and zone and you do well I I'm pretty decent that I. When did you decide that that was something that you wanted to take part in. I was say when I was in high school. So I was introduced to the two don't exporting high school in the and in my family and my mom's side there are pretty athletics on this argue my athletic he's strong and we figure out awaits her. And down this war in turn into something that arm could participate in my. And I just to get around with it I don't know transcendent. And that was a good analogy there again demonstrated in a fantastic smiled through the all right well thank you for your time and thank you for a chatting with this for a moment we really appreciate it drew in Iran. No big deal to him just talking to some of the biggest most impressive athlete in the world of rates to the Cashman I know I love it a lot it's in Natalie olympians that are there but apparently being at paralympic. Athletes that screen out there at the two missed elite athlete training center they were wonderful and talked with the war. I'm so as we celebrate this whole entire shopping area so distant but need to. I I have the experience of Chula. Vista. Only athlete training center so we think that they do their by the way they. They also have. The and extracts that it premium extracts it and it's not a professional BMX. Please tell the tournament is well he's not we know I love you ma. But they also a screen obviously athletes and elite athletes including some. Gentleman who worked well her training for the paralympics. And whether we got to be is Tim. It's chair Tim or Taylor handed down a chance I am a Tim standard energy collapsing in very Timmy turner for him including all my guys that upgrades are cell. So tell me about you as an athlete in your time here at the training center. Well as I I was born you know. In 1998 list condition I think every atrophy so thanks rafting there is so I'm mad paralympic T thirteen class. So I think I got into this a few years ago my clothes got me into a high school. And you know I've been on this road I can hear mundane things and kind of inspired me to use keep going on that level so. I keep Cheney in that most recently you know I've made deal worlds team and we went to Switzerland in there I got Silverman on the 200 self. I think I'm on a good pass and I'm being out here at the training center has always been a dream for me I never thought it would come true. But ever since I've been hearing you know I'm being quite taken with the plays I fell in love with the place got to meet the athletes and you know. I see myself growing a lot here at the training sinner and it's just been. A total blessing in the so is their goal that you want to accomplish or something that you wanna do that you plan on hitting from all the facts this G thirteen now so fast is paralympic athletes. His name is Jason Smith and since he's in my same class of station I feel like it is every T thirteen stabbed to rise to occasion rise to challenge him. You know Beatles times you know everyone wants to be the fastest in the growth and if you don't have that driving edge in what you can piece. We'll bring home that's great that's a great point very good well good luck on your accomplishments with that good luck on doing that and let's set a world record free to palace things and it's been. No actually so jealous of you Jenny meeting all these world class athletes and really hear any stories we're talking about kids. That could see at one time and then gradually lost their vision instead of you know. I don't know just not be participating in things. Participating even more so to become a world class athletes race and record breakers it's amazing those kids are amazing absolutely amazing.