SDMoms S1E1, The Day from Hell

Tuesday, October 31st

Our first episode is all about ... the day from hell.  Thanks to Rochelle who joins us on the happens to her, too!


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Look at Steve this I'm staff. Ben and sandy enough for sixty years been married for almost two gash all should be ten years in 2008 feet. And we have three babies ages 43 and five months. They have three under 400 at 305305. Action I remember those names my name is amber I'm originally from New York event in San Diego for four years now home. I am a divorced single mom of four kids between the ages of four and on the Cashman Elisa B thirteen in March real. And management I feel young to have a teenager it's so weird but not. So good amber how you hold yourself together compose yourself in your money alive in your work quiet any meeting and not every day. And Louis Mo M today that I witnessed when you came in at work all friends of kicking your shoes off. My all instead it which they hear what happened on the tears us it was not a good you came in here not that we worked together obviously yes and you came in here all frazzled content but that was what those typical mom moments but not only beat him and then on top of that work. And then life and you have to tell everybody what happened. So my son was playing goalie a soccer game on Saturday he got injured I thought he broke his clavicle heard something was wrong medicine used taken off on a stretcher in an ambulance. So excited you. Like I know I should be excited. Yeah I meant he's crying to the pain. Blocker floor this is his second season and how old is he he's eleven. Sell long story shore we had taken to the orthopedics and my ex husband. He's scheduled appointment bright and early 8:30 in the morning on Wednesday in Oceanside which is like over an hour from my house verbal and Oceanside I have no idea I had no idea nothing about this is convenient to come on the air at nine us sell my Boskin Commission commonly and that took him there. And luckily the doctor said everything's fine nothing is wrong nothing's broken nothing's torn everything's fine drive back I'm like a writer on a corner from my house. I get pulled over. I hear how close like literally right around a quarter after all that driving and yet you get pulled over near your house or because my registration sticker is not up today I did my registration. Appetite for some reason it forgot to put the stick time I thought we can't I don't not to let me some new look for those stinker they did. Haven't looked down a luckily I have a ticket to saying okay don't you know they'll enter this. Yeah I have ever again for the sticker I have to go yeah I have to go to begin to see our want to and I also lost my I DE so I've got into the DMV to get both my sicker amenity and his dreading that. My socks yes your date from house starts off with that of course apple look and and I just I can't help but cry when he pulled over you cry when you get pulled over. All but I won I would love after that frazzled meant because you're just so frazzled you've been rushing around trying to get your son taking care of everything's fine he just seemed to release all that sir somehow made cup comes your lending like. Trying to hold it together 'cause my son sitting in the front next meet on an island strong in now and then I just couldn't I just lost in my son's. It's looking like all of this aren't just how you felt being in it I don't know any outlet. Not up. I have no different ticket and court. And I got out of it it's the age but does not privilege and we should distrust of morning snow back to where after all of that McDonnell is dad could try to text me I don't Amazon is dead via and I hope I with a coworker. You I didn't know that our thing is like parenting date from hell it was just a day from now it was just a bad day ending up hearing you wanna try to like. Compose yourself despite all the madness going around and that's the hardest thing I think is trying to keep it cool. And not losing your (%expletive) I'll let I have a as steam Marsalis joy in resell the unique kids. Yes they guide you needed a hero and a four year old. Our Irish shell and yet it gave from how was it a parenting Dave from Al tell us having eighty dollars you must have had a day from now. Probably the middle of the stomach flu. And the outlook romance and I had worked that Lang and all of that day. That was probably the worse than they relate eighteenth turns throwing out. Ers I actually did have a deal like that where everybody. Got sick except you I was the second on the got sick elderly lady and then it was neat. And then my husband my best friend was visiting it was more well that's the worst thing you have to be a mommy and your sick yes what happened how did you get through or shall. Can't be and be my husband every few Beckett. Yeah. I am not copy. All right you deal they'd better not amber venting out your day from how I do it's nice to have other moms that relate that's that this is all of my esteem not a baby. Yeah that's what we're here. Florida help each other because we needed especially with next week we're going to be talking about mom guilt it's. Arianna. And I need your help because I have been getting overdosed with mom Gil and I need to stop it stop that stop it meant to be a Mets next week on ST moms podcast.