Employment After Deployment: Christopher Cox

Tuesday, October 24th


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Joining us now live common usual John Timmy employment after a deployment. Is Chris Cox Chris good morning welcome Johnson in the morning. Good morning I've been in the navy six seniors now last November so I guess it's been almost a year now I my sister passed away. When she passed some lady I became a single father guardian of mine means becoming a single father became ineligible for sea duty so the navy is now processing me out so far and actively job hunting. OK well first of all Kabul thing to tackle thank you for your service of course sorry for your loss and what I stand up thing to do to take on. The unbelievable. Responsibility of becoming a dad to your sister's child that's an amazing thing and then of course it's it's family it's what you did here in a very bizarre situation right now because obviously we understand not being eligible for sea duty is is the only parents around for a child that totally makes cents. But if you do not get assigned to shore duty you're going to be discharged. And that could mean you might owed an eighty money possibly possibly I don't understand is okay why are they discharging is it wrong William Donald get it. Another official reason I'm being discharges failure to comply with the family care player. What does that mean when you are in the military is a single parent you have to maintain a family care plan would say things like. If I have to leave for the next nine months. Who's going to take care of my child okay well since I've no family in my area and don't want to take care of her you know the whole reason she. Is living with me. Well hi I can't fill that out how important the rules. You didn't go about being a single parent the right way according to the into the navy right but you're planning any of this to happen and so on now we do have a plan now it is citizens and I are sharing things the rules are all regulations are regulation but there's got to be a way. To fix the situation I'm waiting on my orders like I hit a phone call any minute now saying I'm getting my orders once I get those. It's ten dates. I will have ten days from the day I get that are become a civilian okay because it's a discharge on the failure to comply. They're waiting for navy legal to save what my official discharged won't be. And that will decide if I had to pay back a portion of my in our opponents are received when I realistic and own my console I may end up owing the navy a fairly large sum yeah Monday. Still some lawyer might think decided. That because in their eyes you didn't properly. I guess for a lot of for more or do what you need to do is a single dad that there are Miki payback the money they they gave you when you sign that we realistic yes hopefully 'cause it is possible that that a lawyer can look at this and say well we obviously understand why he didn't go through the proper this or have the proper that even and they could honorably discharge you and not charge you with that not a feeling you work your agreement if they do it through another path and it was what might treatment plan was originally going for a already humanitarian just short -- right alms which we -- make sense I mean that that toll makes sense out there would be no money paid back there would actually be suffered so either way. You are gonna be discharged as soon as you get that phone call ten days later. You need a job yes what are you looking for in the civilian world how can we help you stay here with your daughter. I I've been searching for a technician jobs OK sorry no I work in the nuclear power plants I'm electrician and so I'm looking forward jobs similar to about OK and technicians supervisory job civilian etc. okay. Aren't he's obviously well trained them good what he does and the only reason this is all happening as it is also a good do it right so. Let's get mired might I love that if you want to go to canceling dot com click on genitalia employment after deployment. We'll have chris' picture and his story up there and if you think that you have a fit. For him in your company we would love to hear from you all right Chris Cox is his name Chris thank you again for your service are is all happening right now but it. I have to imagine that you're gonna emerge from this better men and a better place I like to think so many who could think you hugging it to TS ON dot com for John to his employment after deployment.