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Wednesday, October 18th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living better in San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Gary late. Home start is a nonprofit child abuse prevention and treatment agency that is dedicated to strengthening. And developing San Diego's families and communities to make sure they do this effectively. They address the conditions that can contribute to risky or abusive situations. Joining us this morning is home starts CEO Lawrence thanks Betty base. Welcome Laura about we start a little background information anyone who doesn't know what home start is or what home start does. Happy to share that with you this morning. Concerts in San Diego for about 45 years in our nation in the entire time. Has been about preventing child abuse and neglect and strengthening farm San Diego's most vulnerable families. And we did get through a variety of programs. From prevention. Yeah really intervention all the way eighteen evidence based treatments for families and experience some supportive of these your parents. And what what is the had a mission and or vision and it at home start. Well our mission is that we want to ensure the safety and their resiliency. Have children and we did that by strengthening families. And their local communities and neighborhoods and families live and and Dan we've been doing it again for 45 years since you've been 120000. People are just this last year alone but some strengthening families and in building resiliency in children. Is really key factor in that success. That 28000. People. In the last year yes is that is that a pretty. Typical amount of people that you serve each year. Freely it varies from your ear because a lot of our funding comes from contracts in government spending and no that's always say shifting and changing. It's as the years go buying and different folks are in charge of being distributing kind of an enemy. But. You know part of what we're doing was health care assistance and carried California. Nanjing and it's connected T news the obamacare Affordable Care Act and that that's sort of up in the air right now. Says that that that training has been reedy says at least I do a lot of that he too many area. But that's one category it's very uncertain for our country right now yeah this is true that. Where is our hopes are located. We had ten different physical locations. Around San Diego County that. My office or headquarters is just across the freely in mission valley tonight too far away. Right there off I think Texas streets around it and make started the boy's restaurant that I do know that there are the folks in quite a laugh. Effect so you have other locations we've and we have office is in Sun City heights we have offices in can southeast San Diego the Jacobs senator. The F several offices in east region and then we have some smaller offices. In north Kenny and then we have housing so we have several. Properties that we own for housing in the hazard than normal heights in north part Gary writes that in the services that you provide are they the same and at all the locations. Well in any category so housing obviously. We we bought several properties and renovated and so. Those are specifically housing for homeless young women. Who are either pregnant or parenting young child. And so those are 24 hours housing supported citizens counseling case management. And then some of our other services are very specific sleeves and county contracts for example in the east region. And one of our offices is in our communities services for families at home visitation. Child abuse prevention program. Naimi also henin and at risk home visitation program that first five phones. That's a different office also in El Cajon. And lead stats as to child abuse or neglect here in San Diego County. Get there are statistics that the canyon Sany Rotella for services keeps and actually when my board member is just asked me that. The other day and Sarah I would say. In these days lots of statistics but roughly about 70000. Calls coming to that child abuse hot line. Every year in San Diego County. And all experts believe it's just read me you know a drop in the bucket. And now many many more cases of child beast you exist but not every bloody action films and in and out of those of approximately 7000. Cases. About half of those become pieces won't get investigated. And then Kenny keeps senior very DHL statistics but I but I can tell you is that kind of our programs. In in 98%. Success rate. We changed his families he referred to last. They gain in ten fins home visitation services within. What's called an evidence based model so it's been a recent H. Proving to be effective in 90% of those families are better we just had our board retreat on Saturday and one of their. Women who receive services to get program. Came in and started our kick it off with the testimony and she shared. How much is program changed her life as she was a victim of domestic violence. There is chemical dependency involved her child was taken away from her and their whole family was taught that you hit a child that's naive. I teach him to being singled with all the serious issue received. And their union V it's true help that our case manager gave her she learned so much that it be better panic. She worked really hard she turned her life around. She use the advice and suggestions and techniques on how to parent her chance. And she's extremely happy she's. Now I'm working to get a degree of her own your child is above that rich in school near there again escape prairie grain. Sherri she slowed because of our home visitation program a lot of folks don't even have transportation infection she doesn't Aaron cars to leave the indicate transportation for her. We knew going into the home for some of these standings. And provide a link they need in a supportive standing. Really turns their lives around since she was a brilliant test in the nineteen reaching out to families and have more barriers. And providing him with his skills in the support they need. So it's not just child abuse that Q that you work with you and domestic abuse as well domestic violence. Yeah all in times child abuse and domestic science or go hand in hand in dealing with a belts you don't have good skills around how that resolve conflict. It'll make good up and family. These so much around ED UE Nell and you know I grew up in a family day it was very common. Just think of in this Italian American damning. Can't tell parents paired at Dickinson and Chris and going to call I wasn't being used to its banking was that was pretty editorialists back and tell what aspect and and so. New learning I didn't methods and techniques teaching how to manage his behavior had managed. I tantrums you know all the things that children do learn English developmentally appropriate link which is higher iron. Many three and four year old has tantrums and they do the things I challenge is dealing snow I learned how to manage debt you know waving at me and and trying to teach in which is. Not to be afraid it means it had to learn about her behavior. I came from a very loving family but when I got the built the movements you know exactly and that's how it was done that tell people knew had a parent back and that's right. And things have changed over the years. Let's talk about some news services and programs at home start. Let's start with here community services for families what's that okay Gary that that's that good program that I was just explaining why it. B claim that came in gave her testimony OK so this is what we have account any contract we child welfare seriousness. And so our country. Is in the east regions along the entire east region and skinny and tiny we also partner with other providers in central and north camp any. But this is a program that he's Maine to. Support family said Hansen indicators. That they are not able to parents and children affected me. They need to support they need specific education around healthy parent says communities services for families eases. Faith care curriculum to curriculum that was developed. You know Oklahoma advice on. Researchers and university professors and it's proven to be very very effective it's based on a home visitation models of its landline and we have staff. That speaking English speaks Spanish and honestly some of their languages that the east region. Needs and and they Palin nannies is curriculum. It's usually F three to six month process of home visits using these curriculum and teaching parents for civil hadn't. Connect with their children how to be supportive but the more difficult things which is how to manage. Acting out behavior how to provide appropriate discipline. Which you're dealing your child sick we had some parents they just really didn't know their knee pants. And they weren't able to care for their child appropriately means is part of the curriculum. Had it you know make you homesick if people have chords or other things. Toxic chemicals those kinds of things. Since everything from eighty Z that you need to know to have a child in your home and would be appropriate. And liked it close to about one dominant five children and he is very live from children and he he didn't have a I'm very loving home life himself. On very detached and we we had these group exercises. That help parents to connect to their children. And terror with terror group X exercises he went from saint. I don't know not on the kidneys same thing kid Dick kids to understand each individual child. And seeing this child really likes hugs and I know that that's what they respond to this child really excellent color with fan and and playing games this sound like pleaded toss the ball so he really Greer in his capacity to bond and connect each one of his children understanding. Individuals. And that unique he came along way because of that program. And in this program if I'm not statements it's funded in part. By the county to county health and human services agency correct correct canyons and even health and human services agency and and the folks that are. In this program they're referred to you yes so we have one of our staff wants intake coordinator is actually based. Had they county offices and so the social workers. Beanie meaning they had their process and analyzing the calls it kind men in any decide which one of those. And these could benefit from working with the community provider accounts and is there cost fourth for the service can be free. You costs and a are all your services free at home start I'd say they're they're all free we have a few of them that we ask you know for a donation of people have the capacity and a silly in the fighting stance of somebody has the capacity to paying. And they became pain small fee for Eric accounts and services that probably 99.9. Percent a freight are free. Another program of viewers in this one if I'm not mistaken and again. A similar programs serve are funded by other great organizations here in San Diego County in and out this program. Funded in part by first five San Diego great organization that's your maternity. Shelter program. Yes first five is an amazing organization that focuses on their funny resource is on and easier to find so working. With pregnant women and children up to the age of five because we knew how critical those early years are in terms of making an impact. And Childrens development even know if during pregnancies and they find two programs cemetery shelter program they fund a full time child development specialists so we are the only shelter for young transition needs. Women and has a full time child development specialist says it's not just housing and providing them. Yeah this is the next generation and so many of our young homeless mothers came from a piece violence. Time mean and healthy family lives and so they didn't really learn how to be good parents. So our full time child development specialist works with and minus and an understanding. What's appropriately. For their their challenge there speed of development indeed she gets one on one sessions as well as greet sessions they. I play groups and moms learn how to play with their children and parents and it is the baby and I really know anything. And Darren child development specialist teaches them how to interact with babies and how connected they really can be and then it's too beautiful part of that program in addition to housing in the yen supportive services. That they're getting frowned. New funding we get and the federal government and how to and other places and and how long and the mother stay in the program at the shelter. We have a few options but I seminar iron beds are permanent supportive housing so we don't have a time limit and there's your transition also there is wrong. And an eighteen month or so window for senate does. Let the modeling is they they stay as long as they need to listen we've had some. Mothers and children staying. In three years or more and then avenues are able to. Turn things around in an that he eerie sense it really just depends on her and their needs and their individualized transitional living plant which is to get them to be successfully independent. And Enola housing is very expensive and sandy and assess her Kristy where we panel and getting in Java savings account. If they did contribute in TU any count for there. Push him there again all that money back when exit the program said of the planet yankees manager works with them on to that when they do leave the program. There are ready to be successful independent. So an out for them the women and go to the shelter them or the housing are they referred as well. You know a lot of people want to open enjoy star maturation of depends about eight years ago and word got out really quickly. We we know that youth homelessness and transition needs youth homelessness is on the rise if you could account and you point in time count. It's Danny each year the number is wink for homeless teens and conditioning homeless youth. Still without really advertising we get a flood of referrals and we are full almost all the time and have a waiting list. So there's a need homeless and people. Are struggling and then if you have a baby boy your pregnant. Yeah Lisa this is or even if you learn and you really need it safe and stable place to your head count how many bids do you have. We have approximately 26 beds right now an awful. Awful. Another program service that you have and home start is your mental health services fills up that. Yes scary I am very proud to fade net home start is when a few organizations. That will provide an in house services in the home again home start began as a home visitation program 45 years ago. And we still get that because some family especially. Lower income families transportation is a variance and we have. Licensed therapist and registered in turns you are trained in some very expensive models one is called. PCI AT which is parent child interaction can't be genetic evidence based practice then it's proven to be effective. Mean aren't addressing children who gaining victims of bees. Neglect some exposure to violence those sorts of trauma. And fair they don't tell me PC ID or they do. Another method is TF CDT which is trauma therapists cognitive behavioral therapy. So are therapists and interns are trained on that. And me going home and help these children and families dealing. But trauma what comes from a piece it won't explosion of violence those things. Now we've we've we've talked a little bit about how a lot of folks who referred to you. But ten people just kind of call you in India to hand you some health in this area. It's and we have a website of course in our web site is Debbie Debbie Debbie you home dash start dot org. And we have list of programs. We have a hotline says they're looking for counseling services. Those phone numbers are all listed on our web site for each of the different programs. If it's somebody is looking at their taxes and for free we tweed is tough to Eckstein scanning seeing our family self sufficiency program does free tax rules. And you know there's some for profit tax providers I won't name any names an easy famous actors to promote what they do. Saying they do free taxes low they don't tell is only part of the three and now and twenty union is Delors they charge for an pieces of it. Our free tax preparation is a 100% free so we have areas on around potentially reaching here in San Diego and east region. Says if somebody wants to get to Texas chilly down for free. They can contact us click on our web site and then make an appointment and that will be happening pretty seeing. May nauert Kenny gearing up to train a lot of our volunteers. And in taxis then kick it off. Come see yes and you texture really done for free by air amazing staff and volunteers so people can enroll in. Any one of the programs that you have. So I guess enroll in all of that are anything right now no 1 PM each program has its own sort of contact and phone number December programmes like you said are full so that. You know these reality and you know if somebody wants to get off and really large donation we can explore readiness programs they can pick which one name like. On the we have waiting list for some of our service is because of the need. It. You mentioned that the family self sufficiency in service but that's for the taxes tax preparation exactly yeah that's a part of that. Now is that and a self sufficiency service. Is that like followed up with with the folks to go free programs. And you do that you keep in touch with him afterwards. Yeah Gary we have on case managers to work in an average. Three months all the way up to you. You know a year herself in the first. Bill that program is to help people he would employ it silly recruit a lot of parents who are grappling with employment. They may have different areas because of playing greens more. Neutron money handling experience so we first should China help these folks get a job. Then me and sometimes get a better job we also do financial literacy education senator. For train some of our. Impoverished families boiling get checked for national those places on the coronary event. Charge of pretty hard hefty percentage. Check cashing facilities. And say are you know we need help and I understand financial literacy. Chris we have many of our board members are connected to banks and we helped them get checking accounts savings account. All of this seems pretty means we partner with as well Sarah it's it's an education around financial. Literacy and soon it's savings budgeting everything you need employment. Pretax is if they need to clean up and get a job than in new Marion six is construction will help woman can get there. Were cleaning. Are there any specific intrigue processes. For these programs each program has an intake because you know often times refunding and meaning any kind of government funding we wanna make sure we're helping people. We'll have achieved the greatest need says there is running T square where. Getting information. Around income and things like that need to address any short walk me. In choosing and then in the community where. Focused on helping Mangini press it's primarily central any street in those two parts of accounting elderly partner with only folks. Again in other parts of its money. Humble which make it painless as we can and of course and depending on which program it is. You know for housing program we when we do more in depth sort of assessment has been trying to understand. All the various this journey. Some folks were seeing Hanson behavioral health or mental health challenges. So I staffer I really trying to AD indeed police and they can create a plan cannot be effective to help people. Become hopeful and get the resources they need to be successful. And I would assume then with the the fact that you have waiting list for many of your programs and services that intake process very important to make ends in your your putting them at the right people on those program. Exactly those who really need help the most. You know many understand it's a program tees and for our housing program. And I just giving you free place to all of by union having keys managing you can meet with very Munich feeding individualized. Transition being planned entry. We have parenting classes we have a thrift anti social enterprise and Adams avenue. He can volunteered and initially and then you know plight of getting paid position for him. There are expectations. If they didn't get all their skills in granting European. This situation and not them that's our job to help them to be successful. It's not a got a free ride it's a program to geeky successfully independent and that confidence in eyeing currencies can raise your family near great now and you have a big event coming up we have Dave McNamee later this month yet whenever area we have T fundraisers and so this plan is in October Intel align its tenth annual. How aligned harvest festival. An October is here we are in October is national domestic violence prevention month an awareness month. So the funds we raise our team goes towards their programs that won't address to nasty violence prevention. And it's really fun events in you know even if you are not an alcohol conceal marriage we have all kinds of food. We have various tastes and different we have wind we had the year we have spirits. Food items to tease we have live entertainment. The bringing in of a brand new Gilo this year so it's always somebody very exciting. And very talented. Now we have a silent auction which we have some fun night and hotel stays. Gone off. Chris wind package is in fever folks like that in beer tasting things like that. As well as Sen fun baskets in your home improvement and stock kinds of sayings he knew pampering baskets you name it. We have a wind pool which is fun it's it's a blind wine polls so we have bottles of wine netter in brown paper bags. And they're tied with I there he made me and then. If it's red wine he lightly even if it's light or goals if it's a sparkling type of beverage. And people can I am tickets and send me. You know for me it's twenty dollars from one point 350 feet. And they just pick one of those bottles not knowing when it's going to be the skies and it's better than. He near regular opportunity trying to get read by kicking and you know only a few people when you're gonna get something you're getting some bottle of wine friend. From your practice interesting I never heard of why people yeah people like it. They have fundamental. So this is October 28 right. Correct Saturday and where's it taking place where we have a new location as well so it's. From three to 6 PM so people that evening plans they can still do that. This can be sitting there your pre Pardee and or they have the HM plants in 360 at that. At this historic Burnham house which is near Balboa park's and so lovely historic home. And we're excited teen to bring this year and how much are tickets. 65 dollars and also includes. Free transportation. To lift the semis yet just to be anxious and you don't wanna worry about driving. And it includes that swift transportation free as well as he'd like. That's my service yeah Enqvist tax deductible. Go and it and as far as the ticket's gonna purchase those online absolutely I think a win tonight and Nokia. It's all event. Laughs I NN we'll begin getting home dashed our god scored. And you'll see there and can they get tickets at the door. Can't it's a little. He may have to wait a little longer if you don't DNA in the end he can get connected. Okay and and again the money and a I don't race however sank his we have wonderful sponsors like California coast pretty lenient. And many others and so all the costs are covered so a 100% of these proceeds go directly into our programs that are focused on. New child abuse prevention domestic violence prevention slow. Every single dollar goes directly tee organization may mention that you have to. Fund raising events a year if he had normally have a in April and has April is charities awareness month and said we have a sit down gala in little bit more of a formal event. They dinner you know silent in Lyon optional but in the bigger and then. Nancy in April and send that one's a little bit more extension and then. Lovely event really have a great time there as well. And you mentioned earlier that you do get some as a federal funding or grants. A lot of different context and grant to the county of San being down is our hard member of one of fun silly we want to can maintaining the health and human services agency than. Pardon from you know many many years. We get from federal dollars we get some state money sent more Steve Francis your chat channel these treatment program. And then local dollars as well here. And volunteers big part of nonprofits you mentioned volunteers you're gonna have far to help with that tax preparation well yes. Opportunities to you have that home start from. If people are anxious kidnapping is for tax preparation but I really don't have to just detect disease can also be just agreed Mary could be somebody who takes. Calls from online and we returns as calls. But our advance and we is a lot of volunteers that are meant to you just won a one time and that. Leaky gave you you know three of four hour slot on Palo line and helplessness the new bi national option to Adolor. You know cleaning up for checking people in different things like that we have home 650 tee which is on 3611. Adams avenue in normal heights. And we have folks like a volunteer in the boutique. In a regular basis but we also have some companies come indeed it kind of like a group project. Helplessly organized saying. Clearing things out Italian warehouse right next door says if they wanna do kind of a teen project which he yet companies can now. 81 gave her if you know a few hours that's available as well. But Lee's volunteers and a lot of different ways and he's had volunteer groups helpless with our food distribution amiga and give free feed. In low income neighborhoods a lot of companies like tomorrow. Can do eighteen million nicotine in Eilat with our staff and give them food to run for two million need. If somebody must make yeah. A donation to help you with your mission they can do that at your website. Absolutely. They can give it an insider attack comes teeny. Come on average our office and and volunteers information on your website as far as what what do you offer guests to help people get ahold of before that yelling and volunteer section on a web site is well Gary so it's. It's all well and leave we appreciate that helmets and community supports us enhance for all these years so once again you're tenth annual hell wine harvest festival Saturday October 28 yes and where again. Form historic Burnham house which is near the ballpark basically can help Kristobal parking token and that's from three to 6:36. PM. And tickets can be purchased at your website. On mine and violence from him what his website address again. Is Debbie Debbie get you home dash starts dot org and are you on social media lead you we have a FaceBook page young. And Dan from Twitter and of course on linking and yeah from Altec had far. Aaron Dallara thanks for being on Saturday thanks for all you do it at home start and good luck with here. Howell wine harvest fest on the 28 pinky so much for having me Gary peachy until months. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. A Vienna count San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website until next time I'm Gary late. Have a great week.