Friday Famous Face-off - October 6th, 2017

Friday, October 6th


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It's and all right action heroes our theme today Joseph sigh this in Chula Vista exit Chula Vista connection because marina as your contestant and she is also residing in two with a certain guys will be discussing kids' toys for the debut of the highly anticipated film like I guess some. And my little pony that's racquet so I think there's I have to drive Sally live action annoy believes him. All right marina. Don't be afraid to say pastors get your mind on things that kids play with okay. All right here we go these little stuffed ones that collected for a very long time. This is the ones together we have apart form here California. This is a little com. Brad. Little red and mop it from Sesame Street T. Yes. And this is what girls is quite at that dress them up the car and house. This is little boys played with it was that type of vehicle that was young. They were yellow. There's that don't line. Okay it will pass this is com you can switch this to make little things out of it can mean a barbershop where it. Yes this is this is that a little dolls that have a little dimples that were born. Yes this is kind of like I'm only an early on the iPad you'd turn the knob to make pictures. Yes. This type little boy you said earlier it that was. That was a brilliant clue it was an early iPad thank you never would have thought to discuss revenue Etch A Sketch that way. You guys at seven those are tough so yeah I was trying to get Tonka truck was the one that's hardware idea rigel Esiason Chula Vista I gotta get you to get. Eight action heroes to win okay. Just IS. I was not impressed. With his partner John today you know an eagle at marina just letters. The school. Yeah humans no matter what why aren't you see how good he can do when. Here's the deal marina in a weird turn of events geoscience decided to go elsewhere. So you've you've won the Friday humans they stuff but what the heck let's you and I put together anyway. If this were filled in for Sarah marina we appreciate very much. Trying to get an action heroes as you can guess in sixty seconds and since you or anyone there's no pressure to succeed. A guy. Okay Leo this is. Robin is Mike is Mike psychic driving them. You look at this guy at the birth place. Really fast at UK it's. OK I am officer but I am also. Humans. So. With them over for police officer. Yeah okay yes. I'm in the medium big book come to regret. Regret. Movie wouldn't attack again as part read all the right. This is the female superhero had a great movie this past. Get. The smash a green. Yes OK I don't really want here accurate giant hammer baby thank. Yeah a double 07. Console loans or who support this guy archaeologist. You're yeah you are never got nine you beat yourself yeah. Arena was elected beat yourself confronted demonstrators off. The impression on me. Yeah. Second round who heads grade means you have a pair of tickets to Kia soul and country that's Christmas. I bring yourself up. At our. I library underlying of the week thank you for making a slam it's been a tough week yeah and I'm a little disappointed in first round to me. That is Austin area tomorrow and make you for that and Joseph science are broad next time region this week yep.