Operation Dress Code

Thursday, October 5th


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Wanna tell you a little something about operation dress code how you can help. Young women who are getting out of the military and into the civilian world I I I won't see it as well as Randy will sit gray talk about. What's going mount operation dress code. Yeah operate and Africa advanced for his ear here in BA ballot so we are steeper aids it. I'll do it again and help even more when and the here. Yeah explain what exactly it is that you're doing it's a wonderful wonderful thing. They get down. Yeah operate and tractors basically we collectively. Two and a half weeks traffic in the an EXP is really pretty. And then about three weeks are gonna happen that the day. Widow lady can actually cut and have an individual life shopping experience and they get I asked. A 100% creed or acted ED female and transition team hello I'm transition into that you were part the well is he now better and. This is why you guys rock so much because you think of everything you can and think about the fact that these young women who started their military careers as at such a young age frankly. Don't lead to where much except what needs to Wear their uniforms so they go out and they need. To get up a civilian world jobs they'll always say oh I've got as are these called I don't make a lot of money when my gonna do what a wonderful thing. RAZ teary I had that I did that transition a couple of years ago my bowels that. I think my friend that you don't trying to figure it out wardrobe got one bag that we absolutely know what they play catch if we can have given just a little bit howl that they make that transition and get that confidence then. Parent and then they make that you journey in life. It's fantastic no where are we gonna CDs box as you said we'll see them around where we gonna see them. You can go on our web site at CE dress codes V a guy. Content and you can see all of currently being fair upper twenties I different locations throughout the community and they're all over there without being. You're Karen eat Carradine there all of. Right on Randy L have that. Address as well I've KS ON dot com so you look if you're looking to help. Some active duty or some veteran female military members you can certainly do that again go to co KS ON dot com rated thank you for that operation dress code. And again thank you for your service and for all who serve. This is our National Anthem and did so I'm.