Tales From the Playground - The Push and the Pee

Thursday, October 5th


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All right having kids is a wonderful thing it except when you go to the playground and you bring back this. Hey goes. A playground stories that are too good not to use share. Stuff you can relate to especially if you let it take kids there are hardly new to the. Playground produces and I at least once a week. We have I think I playground that we go to now in San Marcos. Yeah. And every three Jetta with my friend Spencer because. He had a tale from the playground that was good to share Spencer's kid out front and play your out but there is an eighteen month old son bode. So there where the city. You're on the bubble machine when this little kid comes up with a little help from behind slipped a little check no big deal. I don't think much edit locker on the treatment team didn't decked it's hot streak and a chance Thompson voted kind of backlight like that act apprehending. And a. And it was their parent that said anything you. Oh yes executives said start over again that. The parent address I've seen some times when kids get. Can't I was in violence that when they get pushy they get months a year they. And and apparently a hole hit and his laugh and the public I hope I get my kill you. And I hope she's. Your your kids Mikey and I you know you know and. I recently had an embarrassing tales from the playground were potty training my three year old Stella. She's doing really good we finally made it to the toilet. My four year old Bryce views the idea of course said to Stella come on you can easy buddies at night. Get all the way back to the playground. And of course has an accident in the wood chips. And what exactly gremlins that we want people to see out of the wood chips. The slot. Would just where kids crawl around then yeah. Put their hands and digging man you know animals or through that only time they do we were an Emmy and handlers but if our phone numbers 619570. Number 19730. Lead and feel free to share your tales and playground whatever one comes up. The severe that unfortunately mom who's right now washing their kids crawl through to the playground in San Marcos. Wondering if that's. Who's oil would chipping area.