What Did You Feel Guilty About Enjoying?

Thursday, October 5th


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You're feeling guilty for just enjoying yourself. About that what we're joined him in the morning another resembling in this but I feel I mama. Bit of an eaves drop her at times. And I was eavesdropping on the conversation that producer Jessica was having with the girls yesterday and it did I ate mistakenly here. Or is actually legit but you said that you were at the zoo alone looking at the new baby hippo and you feel guilty for having a good time. I dead what is that about or kissing thing I. And we mean my boyfriend we have a past week all the time yeah Clinton go on Friday OK and I really wanted to see the baby we tried on Tuesday he was hiding in I want to go again and try to see this baby OK who. And so I away and then stayed there for like hours and really had a good time and then I felt bad because that. Didn't bring my boyfriend and I was having like more fun. I myself that I didn't do and if there you see here an ace isn't tilted his face is lighting up right now thinking about the good time you had what would you put guilds on top of that because it's close to be our thing that we do it together and that's what we do we have 5 am and apart Koppel tenure there isn't as part of this but what does it say about Jessica. Is to say him tell it to you enjoyed your time honey and and shouldn't feel guilty for net you don't have to do everything together just because you have a past that you guys used together. That's vulture hey you probably felt guilty because you realized. Oh my gosh I'm having such pretending he's not here and that's what you're thinking about like oh yeah no I shouldn't feel good no you can feel good era and I ask your question yes did you go to the zoo and find a dashing man in there. Run run off the Bali for three weeks with them. No I don't it's a dashing monkeys yeah. That's what you feel guilty. Going to see a little baby values have been huh. Yeah been up to Viagra impotence so Q. Well they kept it close it out because mom gets too protective and those are very diligent and we don't. It is to walk around there is a massive debt private air as if. I go through anybody can actually damage control and civil or not. But I'll move on on the phone number 619570. Number 190s had that Henry. You reflect. Purify yourself you're guilty about something. And yet. Or he's. Been through. I've flown over again 61957. On number 1973. Do you ever feel guilty possibly while I feel guilty about this is Lauren. Yeah I am I had been at the way it worked at national. And I got that it would act but I think I'd just like Arab well about the Wear big guy that I. It'll be out honey and also you're waiting for years ago. I work I won't enjoy assessed enough that all right yeah I'm really sorry okay by teach old yen. A little house of guys. Into an off. OK 61957. On number 190s that would be helping phrases that began massing at the way I think it would be useless go and sit in the corner that helped me out. I am when you feel guilty about having fun and I here's exactly right kids and I go shopping at Wal-Mart by myself it's a pass and jumping a Wal-Mart the blast that's what I don't have all the three kids and I can go by myself. It's funny how things become a blast when your an aircraft or use the bathroom without someone interrupting you probably a long time to. All right 619110. Number one not 973. Weird guilt that mean. I felt guilty Italian area so yeah out producer Jessica went to the zoo's baby hippo. Didn't take her boyfriend enjoyed herself immensely and until guilty afterwards for enjoying herself alone on her boyfriend. He relates to that 61957. No number 197 under it's a think that you felt. Guilty about you're really enjoyed it but afterwards it on the kids with a lot of. Sorry should abroad Steve with me he. I'm it's really funny because I'm not in my baby got they did. And I am I doing I think. On and you're going a little vacation. You're dropping your baby. You shouldn't feel guilty Unita. It. Paul well get it out right now guilt guilt guilt killed it's true that no matter. It's true that's true source when he hit that first drink. How old is how old is your child 10 all you need a break I mean come on a just like channel 67 hours of street sleep. I. RI EC is an uphill battle it thank you. We love you to take care enjoy your weekend. I'm marina. A what do you feel guilty about it. Why not and I'll add when I think it. Yeah. And we found it by all of our critical talk it up near harper are not average guy. And I actually work over here at area Powell I think you're they whenever I don't look there I figured it caught and I am not an accurate or not. All I see you're doing actress by yourself at your breaks and up but we're Wisconsin's Tammy from. Right on the steam main point is that we were to college stuff I know I want to Whitewater let's talk about my mom went to college in Steven's point is pulling even out here. I didn't hear I ear perhaps now. Right you were from Wisconsin too. I'm Obama. That's awesome thank you for that don't feel guilty about and enjoying your fish tacos that's one of the privileges of living in this very expensive city. You get to have fish tacos and then went on Stephen's point gets to have a house for 50000 plus. I write. Yeah. I take care. Daniels and Santee Daniel. So column on the government contractors. And I want quote that the military. A lot of different note repatriated or form if there's. A military would probably travel a lot. And some this sort of get together to get more arrests when I'm traveling while I'm away from the kids and the Stanley. And I want to venture to have a lot of trips. Weren't overseas and one of the hotel right here. Learn the road back hotel where ignored the power everything else. You keep cards you get in the room you put into law at the door. And it activate with a sense or something good then you're able to turn on the light and you're able to churn on. The TV you know the Smart TV that was America that the connect back on duty in March Netflix. The room when I all of would have loved. And I love Google I have I don't think you know rumor cool I know my wife is free. Oh so is everything that you wanted to. You can usually get. And I'm hoping to do that so relatable and so don't feel guilty about it couple years ago as far as our working with Tammy I had a job interview. In Madison Wisconsin and I didn't drive like two hours to get there. And op I did not think the job interview went very well. And I was thinking to myself I'm not gonna get this job Imus and go back home at the time my wife was there my new baby. And I was like I'm not gonna get this out vices that drive home. And I got the hotel panel to the bad. And I was like I've never been here before I've got a free hotel I've got dinner for free and I don't have to give up in the middle and I to feed my daughter onstage. I can staying here and I felt guilty like 12 and toilet now that realize he. They're re CS exactly.