Listener Sarah on How She Escaped the Las Vegas Shooting

Tuesday, October 3rd


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So many San Diego in his ads. Route 91 festival we are so worried yesterday and in some needed we hadn't heard from yet. I'm insulated going on FaceBook and sharing their story one of those is Sarah hi Sarah. Are you doing this morning. Rory and I'm doing light hearted people asking how you're doing. And now instead and it is actually that's wonderful so Sara shares should share with us your story so please let us know what happened. Well in this happens so fast then you're not even looking at a time and it sounded like fireworks. And lawyerly logic didn't stop singing and look to a Great Britain it glass. I'm living without something's not right and then our apology and really heard it canyon. Maybe good that they take care of them and waiting and lookout system was. Chart circadian her on fire. And then there's another part of that people started writing and chastened but they have left the stage. I actually it was just begs to ask him try to. Grandstand behind that when people running in different directions. I didn't know it Coke didn't know where it was coming from. And I'm. How how how how losses that feeling when you just have no idea which way to dark two I mean there's no. Way of knowing if you're running directly in the someone's gonna fire I mean it's it's got to be north panicky feeling in the world. And it's terrifying and it did start doubting yourself like. Well there's there's more than one shooter or glitch where the coming from and I just about an open and I am sitting duck. And I would not from Anderson from what I what I heard about your story is that you're with people that still. Panel whose shock or just your denial. That this is not gunfire. Yeah I didn't tell him I'm. It was he just sat down. Next to me and that girl from hiding behind and he is by people into compounds that I'm kind of tired. We'll be over in a minute and then that's when. I am guessing but I thought doctor ricocheted out of something but it. It can't hand alone but I think it's just been shot. And I think he kind of realized that the worst period. PM reality that had to be shock right I mean no sir I had to be your pitcher not that you just know this is not possible absolutely OK we are Sarah where you from. Let me OK Sarah is eliminates and she's still in Vegas I bet you couldn't get home fast enough. Yeah I'm looking forward to coming home pressure. Okay now Tammy. Taylor trying to focus this morning on some of the positive aspects of what went down in in in in tragedy always happens of people step up and help. And you had strangers randomly as you were fleeing help you do just that Bryant. Absolutely I got separated from my friend Jessica. And in memory you're just trying to hide Byrd and get out of their sense that you can't and that sense had already been knocked down and I ran over there and my. You're right two got stuck and a guy. But running past me and we made eye contact and I just grabbed it certainly don't leave me and he probably chill out and I ran him down this site street to get. Believe from the arena. Did you ever give his name Sarah. You know I hit it long. I hit behind a big rock and a parking lot and he kept running. All I wanna Holler wonderfully human he didn't leave you ask for help and he dead ends in handles these are the things that we wanna focus on the most today because assist. It's it's great to see the human heart do the right thing but that wasn't the end of that you had more strangers. Is coming on seeing here come with a loss. Yes I ended up that there MGM and that we were I ran Albert says the price stairwell on. But I around the corner and hide behind and it's an outlaw and it was just ladies. Sitting there and it guy standing there watching and made it clear clear that what and we cried and exchange names and her name is Tammy and they were so sweet when we were able to get into them and they spent in any luster friend comes. Stay with us until we can figure out notes are signed it's so that I had going at college my friend. But she can't talk about 3 in the morning. She's okay. Yes I take issue at a different direction and and hasn't been able to get it Hooper. And went back through the Wrigley were gone and she kept track probably in my apartment diet doesn't have a friend and it goes into all of Hersh. Another gentleman at the MGM that security Eric sister was completely shut down over or coming inner out they couldn't. Lee Dugard going to get anything. And he locked me I capital lineup now to this site street where my car and picked me up. Just the kindness of strange love love that you share that thank you Sarah listen I you sound exhausted still and and I can't imagine you've been sleeping very well Ali we now get home. To the ones that love you and we're so sorry this had happened thank you for sharing your story was as we appreciate you very much. I absolutely think it. I'm going to be here.