Martina McBride Inspires Local Woman to Help Cancer Patients

Tuesday, October 3rd


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On Friday morning we introduce you to Snooki Snooki is the owner Rico is on third salon in Chula Vista has a room specifically for women who are dealing with the aftermath. House of cancer and other catastrophic diseases as far as providing wigs and makeup and more importantly. Supports its spirituality and love through that she started a nonprofit called loving you through it as a perfect tie in to the beginning of October which of course as you know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So circular six point loving you through it causes a marvelous story its own right. Yeah let me you Sarah and the name itself. It was birth in assist in the time that I was going through chemotherapy. And I say it was at the halfway point where I Janice. Was done I was it was a sad and you can't leave the house yeah fear of infant infections remain many anyway I was a shed and announced. Having a pity party and I'm not one to have a pity party you know I'm one of them women who take charge but chemotherapy gotten to that place. And and it really is a gotten to that place and I I was just I said I tell my family and done so my husband I was trying to encourage me he called my best friend who came over. And she brought over a laptop. And on laptop was song and I was actually a video with a strong. And it was assigned by Martina McBride and of it is I'm gonna let these businesses and into the battery is on him. I was watching the video and the whole video perspective was about. A husband and downing of brands Levin this woman do her. Breast cancers do her situation through her affliction and how they were encouraging her and just letting her through it. And what it did is to inspire I elect at this video and I just wept and I found. No way I think that. People who love me not people who are fighting for me. And I don't fight even though I don't wanna write for myself. I'm done fighting. I got affected how I got to fight for the love I got to fight for my daughter was pregnant. With my and her assignment. I wanna practicing my grandson. And so it is if by it was just like a paradigm change for me. That sounds stuck with me in my heart and I even want to get in touch it they're just ripping her inspired me to to continue line. When this sought came about I satisfy every start and nonprofit. And in an email loving ethernet and and that's that we did this actually a Lebanese stood is dedicated to the people who are letting all the others do what they're calling them. And I can't tell you how important. A support system is for women are any person that's an affliction that they have support. And that they know that. You know there your lives matter what we do is we tongue women and we don't just offer them wakes and it wakes come from the American Cancer Society who. Has been a big resource for as we get the week's freak and Ramon out in turn turn into the women for free. We also do head shaving and we do start tying. And that it's even bigger than that now it's really just reminding the women who they are that they are not victims that they are over comers that not too. Base our beauty is not based on what we look back and outside that will cool we are in our heart a lot of women we just come alongside them and love them for then and that's what asylum. Aren't net Rico I'm in third in Chula Vista the fabulous Snooki you're fabulous Susan concludes your staff. Thank you John Tammy marry here heartfelt. Love you showing tons and now do we have. A mission we have to get distorted Martina bright oh yeah absolutely. It's crap that's absolutely will will get it to at least the people who know the. My number on there so yeah. I got to figure out another way. They otherwise restraining order yeah. They're good story from Henry goes on the third Chula Vista. And he's a magical. Wonderful woman. Muster his magical powers who. When talking about.