Mark Tells Us His Story From Las Vegas

Monday, October 2nd


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John into the UKS so I'm trying to wrap our minds around the deadliest shooting in a US history. At the route 91 festival wrapping up the show last night was Jason el Deen and held. Was unleashed a lone gunman. Fifty plus dead more than 400 people are injured very critically injured. And we just we don't know what to make of this. And it's he this year were 64 years old are never early and never had any ran into the pleas at these salient a traffic ticket has anointing that was in his history. But he had ten rifles. In his hotel room they also raided his home. Where they also found more weapons. To. Publications Washington Post in the Jerusalem Post or CNET crisis is claiming responsibility Ford saying he converted to Islam but that hasn't been. Homes that hasn't been unconfirmed at all right now obviously they're doing an in depth of investigation the woman that they were looking for. They call her his companion. They located her she is she's out of the country so they'd they say they don't believe that she has anything to do with it at the moment. One thing we can confirm is that many of our friends and colleagues were at that festival last night. And our. Are trying to process what had to be the worst thing they've ever seen a one of those as mark mark thank you for joining listen in and I'm sorry to ask you do but can you explain to us. Just what it is that you experienced. You're an elevated feeding area. Looking down and work connector to seven feet. Applied it looks toward the stage could count all the war but. You could be the middle of the day. In the background. And the ultimate stage. And the next thing you know you were right on the edge of the railing. And you could hear. While some gunshot going off what we didn't really know what it was the first. But people running tanking and see it getting worse and they need to Ben Eager bullet. We've been pastor says. And when that when we all dropped wheels. On the ground. And we're looking not trying to turn a year what to do you know everybody still running and people order. Laying down you don't open charter work. So then I'm the guy is you can tolerate me even may be reloading could it would stop then you start up again in between. They deadening of the no no more shooting. Solid run and help people left everything to nurse she used her for Angela and everything's going around and you're. People hiding in what you tell people run and just get. Bill and I and I. They were that these guys were carrying the girl now and she she saw bloody. Shot ahead. Not a nurturing or not. You know. Document he should be carrying somebody a shot. They're kind of dragging her mom so I stopped to help. Then. You tell she was shot hadn't mentioned would that make it to. Now get during to a caller police car. And we are. We do we've beautiful trip on him. I'm sorry that we're asking you relive this this is clearly just end and thank you for her for taking the time to help that we for so many stories of people doing just that do you remember what it was like were you in shock at that point or were you very lucid in in absolutely scared out of your mind. You couldn't believe that complex that was happening in you know like. We can't be gunshots you took you couldn't believe it. You know if there ever been an opportunity you think you're not gonna happen here or whatever but it. They're that when you're you're sitting there and I heard bullets are railing where we are where. And we just try and we dropped on the ground our commitment to Israel. So then that's when we're really. Out here for everybody that we're aware of from. And everybody around him for trying to help everybody get get out get down to trade from we don't know we're coming from generally what we thought was down on the ground. Yeah so where oh where were where did you finally get to that you finally fell. That you receive from this. Well first we've got out in the back part of the band you know. Kind of a gated area. Not on the unit over bigger ball or is that if on the other side so we that are clean cars we're. All the police officers were coming up behind her. Caller I'm wondering why are they could or anybody in the air via. You look at it I bet you nobody there lose both we would rightly getting down and being covered. But we're running once we got we just kept gone or towards you know you can walk and boosting it from June to start walking Clark and Jim. We're really sorry that this just happened and that we ask you relive what that's gonna be with you for the rest your life armed. Let's thank you for doing that in please give it to San Diego safely and if there's anything we can do for you please has a task. Well thank you Richard Vermont where we're glad you're safe hands. While I guess on what else to say except that you know reach Allen giving your hi this is about all I can do at the moment in just send you some love. Repeated thank you are meant to it'll save. It will do I we we will be having this kind of resentment is real it's is Israel. And its currency will have more updates to his we get more information.