Checking in with Nick Finn from Las Vegas

Monday, October 2nd


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John Tammy in the morning on KS ON as we get further information about what they're calling the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Fifty plus dead 400. Plus injured at the end of the route 91 festival last night in Vegas as Jason LB was. Who Maura you know few songs and who set him. It's just a terrible story and the shooter is dead he's 64 year old man. On the phone at least ten rifles in his room when police breached its. No more of what their their roof right now there is no one has any idea. Why this man decided to do what he did and I of course first and foremost. We're concerned about those that we were within lover here exactly right we've got so many friends and colleagues who cares whose family gave tickets to this festival. A one of them is our own feeling member nick Finn. Nick UK Tel. My mom okay were still on lockdown and of itself. Actually you're right across the street from the Mandalay bay at the locks your nick were you out to. The show last night. Well it actually weird. I was in that show at the time but I was that the show before and a in the crowd was flying that everything was great and but he was energetic cute kid chasing down dean we had left right after Jake Owen peck on onstage. And Eric talks stayed so we are right in between just now being going on and Jake on trying all so we left literally ten and that's the sport and. In all your friends are accounted for all the all that you were whiff. Everybody is accounted for. I did have friends who did it shot either okay. Sneaky minister and got shot. The family friend you you called your mom and dad yeah calmer moment as a person and he had that. Because. The situation what is everybody get misinformation but what that may be your friend who got shot he's going to be okay. Yeah he's going to be a while I mean that you can you believe that we're even talking to about this this morning. No. It is it's just. So horrible it like being a situation like this and still. Having to be locked down. There's don't forget you know it's important goal of the opposite side actually. We're with the knicks fined you met nick if you than any concerts that we put on your kids so any Havana sees is there an end he was at the show last night thankfully left before him and his friend wasn't lucky enough thankfully he's OK but. I did get shot Finn. When when you found out what had happened where you close were you were you in your hotel room by then hey did you wanna go back and try to help. And who were in the hotel room by and my friend called me because he was thought the show those guys I was traveling works I got shot. Can it's. That's not the not a guy got shot. Now. In another friend and yours short armed I'm Browning. Did. I don't know I don't know what was going on doing my sisters this is chosen date and I just. I don't like what was I couldn't comprehend what is happening is that it just didn't seem real. And we have not heard yet about the G still being concert happening this weekend that insolent proud to welcome on. Wolf coarsely you know any details emerge about that should I have to imagine chase only a statement or releases camp will the I mean if that show goes on fit and you worked countless concerts are you going to be in a different mindset now experiencing what you have. Well obviously each speaker to situations like this and you're you're going to be in the different mindset but. I'm not gonna let it stop me from doing my job birds that are living my life because. That's what they want him after these situations I want to grow from a very. I want to beat to be more aware in situations when it comes as something like that so I mean that's been our thing you can't just ignore or. Yeah I'm minister lord told. I'm in the same camp as you enjoy going to the same thing trees at my job is to performance make people having that they were there for last night. And it's horrible the way it is it ended but he said he's gonna continue to via. I'm sorry did you wrapped up latest for you thin I'll get back safe and dumb if he thinks must let us know okay Appel au.