Our Own Amber Is Safe in Vegas

Monday, October 2nd


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We are trying to wrap our mind around what they are calling. That the biggest mass shooting in American history and it just so happened to be the route 91 festival during the chase he'll dean said last night. In Las Vegas we had his own staff members there and the good news is after. Bombarding her with text messages and phone calls are mid day queen amber from. Is is going to be joining us we've got to with a us. Yeah over fifty people now were killed 406. Were wounded also now it's just out that they wouldn't. When the police buses into the mentally be on the 32 floor where that shooter was staying since Thursday. And yet they realize he shot himself they came and they may burst him that he he'd told himself. After he had done the shooting. They found ten rattles the cash or ten rifles in his room so obviously something that was. Planned out and it was still no we have no way answers on why. We've got amber though cool guy. Thank god. How are your friends amber did you ask us how were doing in. Yeah I think of how are your friends man. Only let me I cannot ago. Traditional type it back you know she isn't so much against going through every time I moderate flat out. What am staying. So I have not going. All my different plan and Baylor. There when it happens. That will be shot. I. We're separated because they had shut down. Mr. Everything on lockdown and I was actually. Have a childhood friends and their candidates that itself. I'm where the operator now than ever see that I can't win on currency that I want what is it there I'm talking of course from insulin with Ayers well. Yeah we talk to we talked to Amanda. Jeanne Kendall hits out of town like this passes they could a man who says she couldn't get far enough away other in Andersonville. I Henderson Anderson all. They happen they're all taken into each other. Say it would on the floor I. Yes I did Ollie that they weren't being so. I think current priority being champions and current pouring paint I think just take advantage of being seen apple. No I know that your you've got to be just running on empty and I mean it's it's it's a surreal feeling may be your shock I don't know but. You clearly said that your friends some people get shots off people get killed on. Or III and neither can we and I mean. I also heard that they were like they were hiding when you contacted them doing. Yeah I had attacked it and there's the media haven't you know after the show and like angry again the media. Back to shoot it. Well that was. I was meant a court they have social media crypto going on that I expect that we learned they are hiding. Cinder block again and it's airport which is next to the union out hunger I think the police officers. You know it can you aren't normally currently there for awhile at a gun to keep going there are much stock. Yeah and Ohio there's the confusion. Even though artists a lot of artists so that there bus is all that whole area is a crime scene now so they're not allowed back on their bus is Jake always talking about that this morning. And also I was hearing about soon to a running that airport someone. There's probably able driving their car trying to just get on the Doug runway just to get away from its. And it is just an absolute nightmare and again I reiterate we don't have any. We don't have any reports of any artists or their crew. Being those that are injured or shot that we can't confirm that yet but we do know chase county is fine although all the people were performing are okay. Amber is of course is our mid day queen who is right now in Vegas and you're. Patti Embry were so excited last week you danced around here like a little vague a similar to anyone festival you're just like bouncing off the wall and in for this to happen I just. I'm so sad and and I and I'm so angry and I'd just I'd there's there's just no answer insist it's. Shocking and her tank it I definitely feel shocked I grew. Also incredibly fortunate lucky and proceeded to be there you know but I feel guilty. Yeah to serve my front door and age at twenty somethings are thinking and they're dealing with a great outlook for the proper remedy there with them that would involve. Yeah yeah did you look I flew in Ryan. We are so are you stranded Darren that he is he a free and open. I don't even know I literally just. Look up a little on Frank McCourt couldn't sleep very well I don't I have I don't know the update my status packed my my bad yes but. Sorry about the 85 calls in the tries to residents of both the UI know thirty tax pro ball well like that everywhere wondering. Went on we all love you and we're sorry that this is had to happen and I'm. I'd I don't there's just no words. Eric thank you guys aren't if you don't you'll see since would hurt. By. It's just life man can change so quickly is it. I just don't understand we don't have any information on the upcoming seasonal dean shell of course we'll have a free will as soon as we get it. And again anything you need to know please call us up at 619570. Number 197 we'll tell you anything we do know I mean all the stops pouring in. And things might change blues again as Tony mentioned now over 400 or injured fifty dead and unfortunately that probably will grow with them the critical injuries that workers suffered. 61957. Known number 1973 with John and Tammy thank you so that.