KSON Employee Amanda on the Las Vegas Shooting

Monday, October 2nd


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John 10 in the morning on KS ON nine and just an unimaginable day of the news that I can't even wrap my mind around right now. At the route 91 to music festival last night has utility was wrapping up the festival. A gunmen opened fire and they're calling it the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Gets worse over Turco it happens at the nightclub in Florida because 49 people were killed in that went at least fifty probably going to go up. One right now we Ferrara is an off duty Las Vegas police officer 406. People taken to hospitals. Around a Las Vegas. The eye shooter was 64 real man they believe he acted alone referred from the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay he had at least eight weapons. Including multiple long rifles. It was just horrifying Jason LT was it like it has forced on it was just after 10 o'clock people heard the noises. In a first thought it was you know it it was fireworks aura you know some kind of pyrotechnic display and it just became chaos. Now we have staff that or on the sites not amber arm indeed queen who was there promotions in the Nixon was there. Amanda in Kendall were also there from Kia silliness the all of our staff have been accounted for act and I pray. That if you have family and friends there that they've also been accounted for we just don't know at this point who's been injured. We just don't know Amanda. Are you doing. I worry that you contact your family all your loved ones are really cool. I own yeah I talked to my moon and Antarctica my uncles and. I compared ignored my phone call that he now. The things he's probably sleeping infant health. Are aware are you right now. I don't think it had their opinions about 2530 minutes late for or against. With us Kendall went to the patterns firing it they could. So describe this situation when you Rivera when things for start when he started realizing that something wasn't right. Well we knew all manner and there aren't that found that kind of like oh really loud either. Or maybe like somebody trying to do fireworks and Inco law. And there's only two rounds of it and everybody kind of looked around and went public. And then when actually put into the music and media like. They came back and later it was not knowing again that the church and non stop. And then everybody really confused looking around and I remember I don't look back at that stage and people are linked. Certainly been born and you penalty and like to the back like turn off and everybody just. An article out of Lincoln and integrity like. Went down to the floor and looked like China like army crawl under the bleachers just keep everybody down and then when we heard click work to line. We record I was that we can linked arms and clean and like I think we can at least two miles away and are there banana oatmeal or brick wall lake it was insane. I heard that that it was amazing the fact how everyone was working together and helping each other. Yeah you're able to it and it so it sucks that there have to be situation like this happening to reelect the players actually get people out there. Are we have an overture anger that's not turning down side of the road and she just tried it and Alec you're not being creeping and getting out of here. Children. An Angel. Amanda. Did you see anything horrible. I saw a few people following the Avery had. I didn't I'd like I'm such a pilot has seen anybody get shot or work. I don't and I don't know outside it'll totally keep it together. I've heard conflicting reports that it started right when he got John and I heard it was if the last song of this of the show can you confirm one. Aliens is like his sports on. This is totally different things coming through right now and clearly people are turning to their stories straight. Well we're glad you're okay. And hopefully you can get some sleep for pride candles okay. Nick Cannon and amber are okay. It's we just want to get home safely. And then here. If you should contact anybody here Iranian and I'm sure you're capable of as well this cell phone service is slow a lot of there are just let us now today. Didn't you know our enemy and angular look to Kendall pleased to know who aren't that I. So again just trying to process everything and if if you're just waking up. And you get your kids with the number is are they they have to hear this today show's going to be obviously big dedicated to the information that we have and what we're getting on its RC. It's strategic or was talking about you know and it would sort setting because he's like I'm going back out and I am doing what I'm gonna John McEnroe at 1%. Make us be fearful of going out is it by you know 'cause he said there was adapt their with this child on the shoulders watching the concert is like it's our duty and our job. To continue to do with they do for a living and not collect. This horrific. Person. Who's now dead. Ruin. What we have if the more we understand it is and what they call lone wolf situation believes that's what they believe there was a person of interest that was a travel companion of this guy he was they were they live together okay it would do they believe they have they found her but haven't said anything about her being part of the eastern what you bring up a good point. Jason audience scheduled to play here this weekend we don't know that show still on I can imagine what's going to jeez I'll dean's mind right now. In all of our minds this is this is something I mean. I just came we were talking about us this morning are full numbers 61957. Known number 1973. This is get through this together are right.