Checking In With Our Friend Dave in Las Vegas

Monday, October 2nd


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John Tammy DSL and today's the big story obviously is is the worst most unimaginable story. All of at least fifty dead and 200 injured head to the route 91 concert last night is Jason on the was wrapping up the festival. The last act of a three day festival we have friends and family there aren't sure you did as well and we are at least here Kinsler are. Our staff members are safe we gonna stop a speech to a person that was there. Eyewitness account coming up in and just and horrible horrible morning with Cindy was number one for new country KS on. So just a first and foremost told to let you know we haven't her or heard any of any artists who have been injured or shot Jason dean is okay Jake Owen was okay Jay Cohen showing CNN this morning. Talking about she was on the stage watching Jason Allen dean perform when the whole thing started. And people thought it was like. Fireworks are big. I mean. Obviously when Jason didn't realize until now when he was being pulled off. And it just kept going it just kept going. So did we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us this morning are you doing OK and then. Among likely that they're still shaking but yes. Okay so again we had so many staff so many friends in Findlay there were at this festival last night Dave is one of them take as their man. Well I would book. Applauded these particles those strip and and and the mentally I. Mandalay bay side of the venue and we heard yogi all the mood outlook two to fire an off duty firemen you know we got a big heart you know. Fire crackers or more and I honestly except that all the people who voted. Yeah I didn't ground there's people within probably 1015 peavy struck. Why are you got up Rob Kurz people doing CPR heard from people bloody it. I need. You know all that chaos getting out and speak it won't be able to get up or they are also words don't defend them off the special rounds and ended up and are lobbying the Indiana and resort you'll lose this year there are people were just. Jumping behind blackjack tables and slot machines in the water. Down and say what they served in the Bolten oh yeah just continued on the rise up exempted at LaGuardia where I was and finally. No I don't know maybe a mile or you know record tomorrow from the from the then I think adding. Would take into. The Wynn hotel and the purpose but we get too quickly away from the event. Dave and I we we we've all of most of us have been to the strip we've seen where Mandalay bay it was and it's a massively huge hotel. How terrifying it must have been to hear those shots. And have absolutely no idea out where they were coming from where they were going to who he was aiming at and we must have been the most terrifying thing ever. Yet nobody knew any any development company is here it just kept hearing and I was called to the stages that appeared to sharing the bullet hit. Metals speakers whatever this cheap you can hear all around you nobody knew you know rural than any imagine. 40000 people and you know jerk chaos she just couldn't nobody knew what to do just pure panic mode. I heard IG going on CNN this morning he was talking about that because he was on the stage watching Jason el Deen. And talking about hearing the bullets. And also people talk about getting to their cars and people hiding under the cars. All run at it in just not not knowing in did you think it was more than one person the way it was happening to. Oh yeah there's so many shots that didn't stop for a second though it was so so music that's the shopper are convinced it was all around us are slightly scary tractor out. Which direction to go Columbian we're getting it now and I think Heatley. Is now done the big nobody knew where two winner shooter he. I mean I'm sure that you saw Dave things that you you never want to see again I I I think you Freeman reliving it with us. Is there anyway here's the news to contact her. Now port fortunate Iowa wasn't really boiled it go or which started have to worry about dragging her and Aetna. Cheap people we are with Scott holed up in she wouldn't shop on the strip the ball regional warning that you know districts. Lovers or whether or by I guess you know all made it. Back to Europe it's thank. Yeah I do with thankfully you're McCain talking to was trying get some sleep man another one of our friend David that was at the show right near the stage we're. I understand a lot of the gunfire was directed that. We don't know anything about what happened. And away a motive and no you know who I'm sure as time goes on as the days go the investigation continues. A we'll find out but we're learning this as you're learning and so if you heard some stuff please clue us in. We've we've got friends and family there there everyone from case son's been accounted for. Hopefully your friends' friends and family who are there. Are okay. Right Lawson and here for a firefighter this morning to talk about the scene there some of the witnesses who are apt to show. And just give you the best updates that we can't and as we get the information our phone number 619570. Number 1973. With John and Timmy said he was number one for new country kinsella.