Beat That Weekend - September 29th, 2017

Friday, September 29th


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Generally do this weekend kicking off tonight at a friend's house and game night game night at the gala Joyce. And probably cards against community. I play that game not much younger him. Yeah I does. We do against time to actually I will be helping out it's you'll see me in San Marcos at that double peak she Allan did the five K ten K. And I'll be by the shot area and resilient and you're in a month while they trot for five. And I think he'll Wear them out yeah. All right let's say I wanna do and I know I'm Sharon and women who don't don't get inspiration from everyone here all right Jozy welcome. Where you from I am from infineon where awesome and do what you beat that we can we gonna. Though this. 98 we are going to celebrate shocks birthday who if you ever beginning to concede that old fleet man. He incident and everybody in better than any of the guy and and here is he actually just got in that car accident moments ago and graduated friend wheelchair today cane trees coming out and the surprising him his and bring him that. If if the command though. Will hold his do we know ninety word Google might yeah. You mean he's 91 years and how I mean I I think he was doing again there is against we're like. Mostly girls like. Get around in reality that part and he went to one of the pillars and put his hand funny and light meal there as part of Indiana. And have like ten of us rushing to him thinking he like was something of himself yet he's like tiger and his dignity it. You blew yeah. Home. So it doesn't email. I remember Daytona and Jozy. Let's get a good time. We didn't support Friday of every month acuity of a member of our studio audience. Please go to kiss on dot com art contest agents on them for Johnson was behind the Michael Fiji wont give for the gift bag and maybe even pushing on the air if you feel gutsy and speaking.