Halloween Baking Championship Contestants Jessica and Ray!

Friday, September 29th


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We're here to celebrate Halloween with the Halloween baking championship with a network. But we have chefs Jessica and shafts re with us hello. I will make Halloween baking challenge for us today and welcome guys and pleasure to have you here. I I had all right so we asked you guys to come in and talk about the Ollie baking championship which incidentally airs Monday is on the Food Network but also. To provide our guests with some looks spooky guests are spooky snacks rather Jessica first where do you work in the real world. In the real yeah. In the real world I work at putts so I'm executive species shaft and beautiful kind beautiful and what have you created your this is fabulous looking. Today I created a no bake cheesecake with a pomegranate Chile Kera mount. AE it roasted core net whipped cream and eight charged pistachio brittle halama and right all right and ray is our second shaft. Ray where you were my friend. So I'm they had cake decorator for sugar inscribed bakery and it also on my own bakery on the side called mr. cakes and long time is what have you prepared for a fabulous Zeller I dated I am a chocolate lovers so I went handed a dark chocolate news. With a cabernet chocolate sauce Mayo Manila being whipped cream in a raspberry crew leaves it's called my vampire kiss my. Hi again it's. Insects. Not so. I've always wondered what I want these baking shows how do you or the mind of the shaft to combine something like. Chile and pomegranate and can make it taste good how does that work went in the in your mind didn't wanna with the might be lighten and how is that is simple as answer. It's kind of like light. Can I do that's really going to impress these people like MI just gonna do we out chocolate and carry ML or am I going to incorporate flavors that ill I'd definitely take inspiration from putts so it. And really helped represent myself and where I've come from end. Do something different to really stand out from everyone else parent right on salary I have a question for you since you own your own cake business. And you were threw one at one has again. That dome in ambitious endeavor you wanted to do and it just didn't come out the way UN hopes and then blast which what was the best suited but. Places like this will be great efforts like what was I thinking. And didn't. I don't assailing the biggest challenge it in a surprise when I started on cakes on my own rent I am I had to like it's called the cake for a friend of mine could they wanna like a big crown hunt and and I don't dig a hole everything and. I got the power at the key was done. And I looked at it. I just grabbed I think and if you're in the trash I. I don't know why I. I'm like you know they killed him into their living around LA all money as I I cry I know my opponent will Leon I have. I'd protect yellow now they get it together and read you and I and it was and every doing it and it just came out a lot better the sound kind aren't I I learned you know you have patients baking tray with love and literally everything's better the second time palm now that I'm having a lot of. Thank you so how is I mean you guys are right here doing this in front of our studio audience something that's going to be kind of awkward for you all but you're on a competition show I mean this is nothing compared to what you're doing with on the Food Network right. Absolutely. The time when we're on said there is at least fifty different people that we're all watching us and lots of different cameras mobs of people yelling at us selling make sure that we. War in the camera crew ever going to the evidence that they get the right shot you know it's crazy we got away via. And had a few of those and yeah. Diego is represented in the third season of Halloween day. Airs at 9 o'clock Mondays on Food Network Jessica and ray thank you very much for coming here and and feeding us more food. I I almost hate to dig noted so beautiful the Doerr will give it a dry eyes RFK. Johnson behind the Mike series on San Diego's number one for new country KSO and.