Surprising Behind the Mic Listeners with a Hornblower Cruise!

Friday, September 29th


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All right let's say good morning two mark keyed up and her husband Jay welcome. Yeah I told members of the United States navy is that correct yeah iron we all thank them for their service. You can maybe fourteen years yet and how long have you been in. In nineteen years not months wow moments happening. Yeah. Howell that we would like it when you joined the navy does look so good I'm Natalie older I was 21 point and thanks is that arrives at colonial the married. Two and a half years almost three years experience as well we owe you something first of all to thank you for your service and that's why my five once they were giving official yet okay. Ellis right. This is Genentech pennies high of 5000. Hometown hero tools thanking our he. News with a high of five our goal 5000 hi fine. I shall we started the school couple years ago I didn't know who take this one need 5000 high fives but we will do it in do it in person right yeah absolutely more almost only a thousand laughs all right I'm number 3991. At 3990. I thought you guys health issues you thank you so. You probably also know that warm lord cruises and events is a proud sponsor John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour. It's our way our small way of thinking besides that very valuable piece of paper you have anti. So Tiffany yeah right sure. We have something more than yeah we're gonna look yell at the dinner cruise and warm Laura. And. I mean guys don't get to get up very often I imagine right. What can on the way to do that you go on ships very often. And as I. Sit down for that two and half hour dinner cruise and and and it's going to be fantastic time I don't know if you've done them before but they really are great while I must now. So it looks like formula cruises and events as well where he'll from. I'm from Greenville Mississippi OK and obviously Texas are useful and as we sit back home for you Iran is not concluded all right let's give million for game can. They're attracted athletes namely how little line it's. All right happily easy John. We got to eliminate the ask for a friend. I don't think you for your service could be safe please and half on the warm welcome thing you aren't act. Practiced I think that's awesome here and think they're being here as well it's an honor has to cool cool studio Liza goes for all you all by the way what a great time or haven't.