This May Be The Best Laugh We've Ever Heard!

Friday, September 29th


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He removed it. Sammy in the morning. I'm glad that's opening line. And I came up. Oh my god Brazilian talent Jason LB next Saturday and of course on just when things eventually beating him before that happened I should be joint in his talent to Hollywood Knology got one right and we're going to that was awesome welcome to San Diego's number one for new country gay as suing and in case you couldn't tell the John game behind the Mike series. In any case you couldn't tell we've got a person who can. And one in his room with them last mongering and urged John bland I'm like. Little more contagious laugh then myself I recognize I know this is gonna sound and we I recognize him on the mile and yeah all the time in my life. And up and around its users that's it. Fully true because you do have a very unique way and now it's amazing how a shot they are and Sean. Sean. I would tell them happy about. Welcome to our program and please come anytime you just pick me up with laughter. Problem for street. A well. A little bit lenient in the. Sean where you are important and delicate Costco. Look like it polices. And Rory is producers outside public hot dogs or another yeah. Or what he'd do it constantly working really. Really. Tell them stories you can share about some of the photos that you've seen grace your room and asking anything you want the ideal way. People are still. I don't have kids but I've seen people's kids being born and wonder why are you taking that picture I'll. I. And then slowly start to crown. And. I don't nastier I could know by yeah yeah we see everything that we get to see every photo publisher absolutely so associate producer Jessica. On do you have a story relating to this. When my and a family friend at different family she cannot her husband was cheating on her because of the cost of photo. You may two meetings with plug and she liked to pick up some photos that she developed saw that her husband had fined about usually program is 00 and came around and got. And then they were very compromise at all. A mom and son. Thought the pictures come out it's under the son's name. Mom picks him up and we're going. Well yeah we are not and a warmonger is actually starts to open now now that envelope and I don't understand what okay. The all right. So you John Kirby I know the question for Sean hardy go to comedies that the movies and and not like last urban Yahoo! under the beginner I mean. I've only got recognized once. Okay one diet famous. And we were sitting up front. And they waited until it was quiet in my friends from work were in the back and this is it got quite the volume that she. If this. Ed it's hard is there's sometimes they don't wanna laugh yeah it just comes out and I have no control over the body well it's not hot topic I don't. Most likable happiness and did. The Dickens Dominic funeral.