Snooky is Doing Amazing Things for Cancer Patients

Friday, September 29th


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We love the last Friday of the month because the giant behind the Mike Syria. Do you think guilt for coming out hanging out with us this morning it means the world I was give very weird and they will launch shows up. But Joseph do and it's awesome also think Einstein bagels and catering to and our friends ask ACC you please join me in saying good morning to Snooki from Rico's on third wonderful salon in Chula Vista Snooki good morning welcome the giants in the morning thank you. For having me shine academy and where did you can't you have an amazing story. And it involves you might grow yeah. Everything that a woman hears in the in my grow that is melt it. And I think it's something about his voice through his poise his relentless there isn't anything he can't do really he's not afraid to get his hands dirty in the building can create real yeah OK yeah. He's really just unreal and down to earth and just try as you and I our conversation our right. He's got a brand new web show right now called returning the favor and this is such a marvelous. Marvelous the whole thought process is a marvelous thing in the show. When I watched you wanna Stuckey first of all and I mean this with love you seem like a person that I wanted to know the second you came on camera used a very sweet looking person on camera. Even sweeter looking in person. Well thank you so much and that's I'm just blessed to hear that and you know it is. I got thing I have to say or blessed to have you here because we thought maybe we might not correct yeah I wasn't quite sure if they were going to be an enemy and I think you -- than perfect now tell us how this'll thinking about why micro came to your place well it all started about in remain at say I got a phone call from. Hasn't media project and they were wanting to talk to me concerning my story. And that there had been a few times that we've been and then I'll paper about what we do the services that we do for. Women in Mosul people who are in the services our oncology. Beauty services that are complementary. To women that are going through. The chances of chemotherapy. And it could be whether breast cancer ovarian cancer any type of treatment that causes Harrell us and we had a private room in our in our business which my sister. And my brother and on and my husband started and my sister and I were both going to. While terminal diseases and and my sister actually. Left me with this room. It lets her make up room but when she got really really sick she says think yeah want you to have this and four of the women they serve. And so anyway my sister. Passed away a year ago and her name was a Patricia feet tedious. So really it was that passion and that desire that caused me to. Gulf lowered even without my sister and and she's definitely a big part of everything that's happening. And its legacy and it's with her push because while I was in cheat meant for over a year she actually held the fort down there at the Shah and and you would've loved as she led an amazing women. Full of giant she was actually professional clown at one time she did this just seems. She was. A firecracker from only about 510 and just full of life thing gap found portend. Yeah nobody in my belly Arnold I don't go content. But anyway as she she was a blast so anyway that propelled me. To go forward. Especially. After I came back and around. You know just it was her vision. So you have a room at your salon you're helping women who are going to what you went through your sister went through and I can't imagine the worst thing designing any hair and feeling like he. If you're an attractive and you provided in this service and and got them back on their feet they saw their faces with there. And didn't it was a marvelous thing I saw the show and tomorrow. Analysts say yeah and so that's what micro is there for a boy yeah that too eager yeah gore had he heard about the he heard about what we do and so. They want at the story and they wanted to come into the ram and kind of be a final Wallace exactly what happens in the room. At first I was quite apprehensive because this is. Their time you know the press or Simon and my heart is so sensitive to. What the women are going through because I've been through your and then I can be it's a very time broke tennis when the women come to see is. They just had surgery a month later they start chemo. Ten days after that you're losing your hand and and it's really not about losing the hair it's about looking at just south and not want to become a victim of what EC you know that's a great point because when my and my sister went through breast cancer treatment and she came to my house and asked my husband to shave her head. Because she did not want a week up. In the morning and it be on the pillow yeah she's like I'm not gonna let it take it from imminent taken her so poorly. Totally understand and that is so empowering united apparently the woman decides to do that yet. But I have to say that isn't. Frequently the case if it's an emotional process and we just hop on there it was my eleventh and a. You can see other micro video on her FaceBook page we're gonna continue our conversation. That will end up putting up on our our web site to use of that people can hear more of the story was especially because returning the favor is just about that yeah you don't know about micro had a surprise for you now and it's it's really awesome and the revealed as yet as physical part yet for such a cool family any easier right now accused Wednesday's game and I think for a while they're Nash ever and I if you would like to say just wanna thank Mike brown and Hudson Primedia project that everything that they did. To really changed our life and the women that we sent awesome beautiful thing was to think micro tuba for my. Whole different way I look at accidents occur we'll hear more about your story so Snooki let's explain loving you through it does is a marvelous story its own right yeah eleven you soon at. And the name itself. It was birth in assist in the time that I was going through chemotherapy. And I say it was at the halfway point where I Janice. Was done I was it was a sad and Muni chat leave the house yeah fear of infant infections remain many anyway I was a shed and now's. Having a pity party and I'm not one to have a pity party you know I'm one of them women who take charge but chemotherapy gotten to that place. And and it really is a gotten to that place and I. I was just I said I told my family and time is gonna be another way then I heard about Kimmel he can take and give me that you know I just wanted to eat something now so I'm just done with the scent. So my husband I was trying to encourage me he called my best friend came over. And she brought over a laptop and on the laptop was song and that was actually a video with a strong. And it was a song by Martina McBride. A calling a say it's name of it is I'm gonna let these businesses and anti Barry is on him. In 2014. So I am I was watching the video and the whole video perspective was about. A husband and Downey and friends Levin this woman do her. Breast cancer do her situation through her affliction and how they were encouraging her and just letting her so it. And what it did is they inspire I lift at this video and I just swept and I found. No way. I think that. People who let me go people who are fighting for me. And I got a break even though I don't wanna write for myself. I'm done biting. I got affected how I got to fight for that eleven out of. Piper my daughter was pregnant with my and her assignment. I want of practicing my grandson. And so it just to buy it was just like a paradigm change for me. And that scientists stuck with me in my heart and I even wanna get in touch that they just ripping her inspired me to to continue lines and so it is a beautiful testament the song ends and so it just second my heart and when this sought came about I sent a fight ever start a nonprofit. And in neighmond loving ethernet and and that's so we're doing this actually a Lebanese it is dedicated to the people who are letting all the others do what they're calling them. And I can't tell you how important. A support system is for women are any person that's an affliction that they have support. And that they know that. You know there your lives matter you know everything matters such a gone through so that's how I was birth. And so you know what we do is weak how long women and we don't just offer them wigs and it wakes come from the American Cancer Society who. Has been a big resource for as we get the week's freak. And raven out in turn turn into the women for free we also do head shaving and media scarf tying. And but it's even bigger than that now it's really just. We might mean the women who they are that they are not victims that they are over comers. That is not to base our beauty is not based on what we look back and outside that little pull we are in our heart. And that radiates through the theater light of the eyes and so. A lot of the women we just come alongside them and love them threatening and that's at a solid. Trenton Rico's young third in Chula Vista the fabulous Snooki you're fabulous Disney which includes your staff. Excellence and there is needed to tell the story just to get everybody looking at you so mad props to you as well for the I think if they be in the terrorism that you are thank you John Tammy marry here. Heartfelt. Love is shown to us and now do we have. A mission we have to get the story emerging and abroad Alia absolutely. Slap bass tabs on what will will get it to at least the people who know the. I've got to figure out another way. They otherwise restraining order yeah ha. After against our. Really fast. Tammy Tammy Microsemi might stop by my shop again real windy but I told to keep it's there aren't you. Back I'm gonna tell you to come over and I won't be here all right hand up up up up.