How Many Times Must You Say Hi To Someone in the Hallway?

Friday, September 29th


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This dilemma hi I'm. How many times do you see high to the same coworker when you pass them in the hallway more is done. I stand if it's not high is at the awkward well minorities and I so I guess on the stunt kind of smile and on my head now. The recipe totally pretend you're on your phone after a tough. Talk right now. Welcome to judge him in the morning and San Diego's number one the new country can't sell and so this kind of spurred it on the. By a moment of awkwardness between me and when my coworkers and so I asked people in our building the same question how do you say hi. So I'm here with my coworker Jeremy hygiene hi so. When you're in this building we pass each other back and forth a lot of times during the day how how many times you are you required to say hi and I are good morning your. I do high and the first C today reality I see you walking also hey Tammy rain after that I was devious smile as I pass Alessio really busy and I just rushed by his looks like Andrew. If you try to engagement and conversation I don't want any part of aren't quite appreciate you engaging with me right now also yeah mom's going after guys are staring up. So we pass each other people pass each other all day long in this building back and forth coworkers how many times you have to say higher hello or good morning come when you stop doing it. I actually usually in every day unless they do first. So someone's lock them and they don't say things do you that I just walk but I. They need is more bite I don't want gauges people and I don't have to hi I passed you guys all the time that's Jessica. I don't engage in people unless I have to do. It represents yeah Jamie yeah things to do a great. On a mission and now in this early in my time right now the actual mouthing the words hello how are you is way too much energy. Are at cash you guys all the time. So throughout the morning we pass each other all the time in the hallway raped by Dina and I just asked each of the how many times GRU records say hi or good morning every time you pass right. Well I would like that from you because you're still warm at night I would think that you could be mad at me if you did say hi okay. RA when I come over to Dana because Dana we just bring your. Running for another room. We're just like. It was this inspired by that operated her accent and it also said I didn't like. OK we say good morning here I like a 1000000 times already this morning and we both just kind of went. As. But I love you so much more than what I served in that brief moment I felt. What do you wanna deal with me what I think sometimes it just feels weird after we said the high like a million times that it just is way. So ideally what should we serve each other and I guess after a couple of whom we just my new I don't know oh. I feel like I want more than an hour OK I wouldn't be more than I hug maybe a second time even not all right I don't talents are and what about you Jack. Because I was sick the morning she in the morning on that and how many times we have to say good morning. At least five and I found the hill you're right media wants your leave all our pain and I'd rather have I got the needy group that's all right now I feel better. Not a high five total modified. Or not. Didn't we are hold office it's kind of a big circle via still and in general it's all the time on time and it was it was a total awkward exchange Dana White garlic. It's. After all violent and now. Or even late producer's death every three seconds that it doesn't matter how many times it's. Hey whole convention. And I'd just like the good thing you look at LC tomorrow. Then my son yes yeah Lander is exactly how you sound. They get impression hold me had never heard you say anything I haven't left I have you. It was during it was her birthday party was there for her last birthday party for kids OK so she knows between him and and. Segment is guiding Kevin and I won't be behind her and I had known she knew it she's like. The cup. I was never derby you kept an indicted okay. Oh. Losing a pregnant humans later yeah. Not with Gavin Null. Up up up up.