Friday Famous Face-off - September 29th, 2017

Friday, September 29th


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Attack. All right Erica is in Spring Valley she intend to pair up to do all things it's our with a little liturgy. Iowa Brandon in Chula Vista all things that start with W because will and grace and came back on the air last night after eleven years to watch it can't not watch a football game. More branded. Warner. Ran things that start with the weather WOK in place or thing. You don't know you don't notice it pass. And he regardless of that him delicious fruit that he is that the seeds out. Yeah this is the awesome actor that played frank the tank and be old school news on senator. This is the state or our first president George. Why are all so I a couple of tree because trees are made of would. This is the guy shot the arrow off the the loft than the content. Nokia this is the state where were from a Green Bay. In the state Wyoming. No. More often yes. I think if I'm on TV and the news until the big storms coming in an idea I in the what. What are the idea it's not my wrist right now looking at that time via the general Romeo and Juliette. This is not a shark but a it will be on the this is he played captain Kirk on Star Trek. All of which. Wow you guys kicked by eleven nice job and yeah. I mean Americans bring value delegates well to win the fight in his face off today you feel about that. We can do this just take a breath don't be afraid to say path. And here we go for little freaknik wine out of great this was one of our president actually he and it's a book president. George. Pat okay this is the state and actually. And Florida blank line. Art art. This is where my car. Yes this is my football team in Wisconsin. Greens yes this is your mother's mother's TU she'd be your. Yes this is placing their eyes on everybody goes to wow look at this amazing hole in the ground. Yes this is if you wanna save money you can go online and get one of these. Appear past. He's he's an actor I just got married to a mall in twins. It is fifty and yes this is the animal with a very long. This is com Mike toner Topps meat out of this attack. And it heated. Time feeling too and now me. Navigators Group and I was trying to regroup and George. Yes sure. Erica. All right that means Brandon today my man. And dudes get on the same plane it's like Yan man. Well or we are men and Apple's hugely Graceland as you can tell all. And we're gonna sits at the family four pack to the SeaWorld San Diego to check out spooked. You learn. All right hello Randy. My Matthew McConaughey hated Jason also want to remind everyone for ten dollars more than a single day ticket you can enjoy unlimited admission free parking and more with that socal annual packs are men enjoyed that as the summer 101000 tickets brand and well done you earned my when in the Friday famous face off.