Memories of Hugh Hefner

Thursday, September 28th


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So wild about YouTube but I've never sat at the grotto at camps Playboy Mansion Tammy no I have not never got an invite your. And another Sammy has. My daddy. Hi I'm doing very well Timmy from instant news and how does one get an invite to just chill at the grotto has mentioned. Bottom academy use those words togetherness that it says hill and in the grotto but. Oh ooh wow OK you're not yeah. Not quite what's going on. You know over the final eight or Canada call bum raise money and awareness at earth are you not. Non prop and you know after a certain period of time it just turned into more fun than wall Leon participated in the grotto had quite an tripping on that and. Well let's just say a bit more because. From 95%. Of of of everybody listening will that maybe even more and never won obviously know they have the opportunity now but never had that opportunity. Without let having us lose our broadcasting license and you. You give muscles sneak peek as to what elicit by oil and other bad for you and I won a bystander might be looking at bother hanging at the grotto. Well art well thank you Brittany out of the pot and there in Taiwan and Tibet thank you cannot you welcome. It wouldn't it. Be enough I don't exactly like you'd near Atlanta. Anything about an island. In the entertainment favoring U well and it was fun it was a beautiful day and you know on the ground are amazing the pool is incredible. The bodies were everywhere as a waitress there. Would literally just like Allah. Commonly eaten. And what you deeper trade trade it would be back. They have unions and they had that they reach he had been there and you're not out and that I should return the I think quit Witten and a sarcasm and humor Jenny McCarthy and that was on paper. A lot of well and I'll love you but can you just I mean he's gonna lucky it'll and I do wish I would have all a couple of match. We residents need isn't she had the unbelievable experience of hanging out at a party and have spool. In the grotto as a bystander. And oh a wide eyed bystander it sounds like now. The soil is in the mid two thousands. Yes and I'm 2000. OK so ten years ago so you sure have what on business or just taking a nap. We can admit that they're picking up he got on out. While you're at the grotto and your seeing what I can only imagine and I am imagining what you're seeing on the my mom. DOD try to fit in and do act like you've seen it all before watch what is what was going through your mind. You know. You out of the day in iron curtain that situation like I'm just political act like it's. Online at the end all you know he's been here or and I think. After he'd be content at the beauty. You're so shocked him like staring off. A it's almost might end and then slain from the white we know everybody and but someone who was there a as our own and a Playboy himself for used to be Playboy no father at number aren't on the technical problems and I John De'Angelo he's a director of miles of promotions here at the station in you were at the Playboy Mansion in Hong with. Half I was there about ten years ago my wife was asking me last night when it was and I think it was like 0708 some more narrow range in Kenya hapless there got a picture with him got to meet him to talk to talk to him for a little bit in your conversation enough there I mean I would say less than two minutes or less a long long conversation about it nobody was supposed to take any pictures let them know as one stipulation. But after we're talking you said you want a picture. Cynical I heard it was a very nice man he wasn't iceman and you've probably 87 years old you were there line. I was there for a press conference call came roaring. No one on the preliminary answers as Sammy dissent where you. You're still in the grotto I went to the grotto you usually are well amateur out again in the U in there and I haven't I'll show you pictures okay. Read understood and are not I don't know does that mean I was ARAMARK club so we weren't slumming in the ground eyewitness laughter. Okay well Aaron Curry I think the walls of that ground and start now they can tell you on that and the celebrities that have been there were very easily there is another celebrity there who. Bill Cosby all of the cars. Flow of oil sending the yeah. All right and you and one final question did you check up the threads look at the gym is. His grandest black to jam a silky I don't now to something standard for him made. Just a week ago and now all right. Thank you John what is interesting story.