Real or Fake News - September 28th, 2017

Thursday, September 28th


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There isn't real brief opening. Maybe the most overused phrase past few months is making news over and jump aboard the problem. Figure more into a Christy eleven grove acres of public is Selanne. So here's the deal as were to see how well you can identify. Re you or fake news the three of us are gonna read you. Little snippet promising news story. One story Israel and the other two fake nose. Your job is against the real. News story are you ready Christie. I think it. Christie apparently NASA. We'll pay you 181000. Dollars to stay in bed and smoke weed for seventy straight days. Real or fake news RF. All right Christy Hollywood celebrities are calling for an all out strike that would spanned the entire industry. In hopes that such a move would urged president Donald Trump to resign. Real or fake news Tammy and all right. Toilets in Geneva were clogged with tens of thousands of dollars worth of discarded cash this summer. And nobody knows why to review real or fake news Christie NASA Pena smoke weed lay in bed all day. Come down obese. Hollywood's right can moon. And it's filled with cash in Geneva RI Christie two stories fake news one real your job guess the real or I've picked the real news story. Okay I'm Adam. But they are could potentially be real I don't doubt that that's gonna have to go what and that that story. Is the NASA NASA smoking weed day. Now NASA does do conduct bad read studies but they do know operatives and this is smoke there. And drink alcohol. It go back to your other job will be yes so the real story actually because producers steps is fake is well. The real story is what the Geneva clogged with tens of thousands of dollars worth the cash and nobody knows why. All right I know it's crazy. Each individual bill in these Euro dollars were 600 dollars so collectively it was worth tens of thousands of dollars. It was caught up in stuff somebody obviously flushed it down a toilet team and it plugged up everything. The interesting thing is. Spanish lawyer paid to cover the cost of plumbing repairs to the toilets where the bills were. Deposited a song by its. Didn't have an explanation why they would pay for which is odd now destroying money in Europe is not illegal it is here in the United States is don't don't be too and you can internally that. But they have no idea so obviously somebody was trying to get rated something. And cut the money and flush them to employ up plug and play the latest thinking about it no doubt about excellent. Notes is hypothetical obviously that I've got piled my own money. I can't destroy it now it's illegal to mutilate or G face United States bills. But there's no such law really like axle and earn it not let the facing entered its own digital that Christie. Oh well. You know in the leg. They have primary you know followed toward Barack and yeah it's really it's really eager to do about it our client. Probably most of all be arrested for about one burning it may be stuck all right Chris you really could not identify real or fake nose I think. And amber is gonna love this game. Island and in your eleven to Christie's got something nice reader in this PS when summer 101000 tickets yes we do a family four pack of tickets at SeaWorld San Diego to check out spectacular. Her. Also mentally everywhere yeah it's going to be good time also for ten dollars more. That a single day ticket you can get unlimited admission free parking a more with that socal annual pass to keep that in mind for the next time you go to SeaWorld and as for the rest of you keep your ears and eyes open because you never know it will be asking you to identify. Visited radio yeah. They knew they knew.