Liam and His Baby Brother

Thursday, September 28th


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What if I played some things from my grandson that made you go off all or even cry. Would you cry into your your asking neat yeah and I thought he realized exactly. Anyways so we'll get to that just a second it it was acute this moment I'm experienced with him. Since he was born four and a half years seriously seriously. So we are face timing with my daughter and in her son our grandson William yesterday just doing some chatting and and Taylor now is really stirring the show she's expecting her second grandson in the February. So she asked if we wanted to have watched the baby move underbelly. And Leon was with her. And this is awesome. Threesome deny your brother. She will not hired. Forest and moving her she saw him. Authentic. To. Me it snack. What it. Shed that title not to write it push it palm. Some. Money. On my friends. Some news out. Like the sweetest kid. Kind of bundled up and keep them forever. I want to be his friend I am now. Afraid to lose. My friend union adopted dad yes. I don't like as we get to be as grandpa come on and well grandparents here just one of your two years behind me come line and up up up. It's. Alone isn't that the sweetest thing you heard he has a plan that we get a big this vital then yeah. Brothers gonna find out where you remembered you remember he used to feel about your brother.