Interview: Lee Brice

Thursday, September 28th


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Easily rice. So great to see you again good to see how was lying when I love it like you get them. Used to be I walked in them these things that vision strangers all the time and now I get to see friends console so that's really it is important because it's a whole new mindset for you. So we love watching you every year continue to build that leave Wright's career up. The crowd is is is it is compounds according were used but. I mean from our days back where we came from isn't Clinton now on I mean it's great to watch you to watch the emotion. To watch you go on stage to accept an award and he passes it off the rightful people the sovereign we want you really handle your handling everything perfectly. Well I'm just down I don't know how to be any thing bit me in and sometimes a little shy as weird because I'm not on stage it's kind of different you know but. I just but that like things like that award yes on the year I was fortunate to win a song of the year as a writer sand. You know that was our ward in a driver cut once song of the year I mean I I even really wanna go on stage as it was a long war but you know I don't wanna be an appreciative I'm so glad to be a part of that's always change my life and really change rock and even like personal in my own way. So again we can't talk to Lee Brice who don't remember it Lee Brice is the father and a husband which means you screw up something and confident and which to pick well of course. Guys only by the way and honest with men are idiots. And we recruited men on hand yeah that's me couldn't ACC the let's do it again. Men on Haiti and. You must have something that we can put into our archives of either manner idiots. Even thinking which is something you all familiar with and it's not in cash and John gets to give it to pass the exit to know that allow that contest right I get behind you and ran them as less they are not that brightly. No word the other option for you to sell and that we'd like to put a plaque upon the wall. Is John and Jimmy's wall of parents shame. Where you get exonerated for something that you did that you're like I can't believe I just. Did that we give you example I left the iron on walked away 12 my daughter not only put her hand. Full on the iron. Point ticker the ER told the doctor had a state of mind until a doctor and daddy burned me with TI yeah birchard make it a. Don't call chamber of right we have lots of entries. One thing was I mean you know and come in like a hundred yards down and little cut humane rarity go to our neighborhood and taken my five year old home and and down like he's it would not to sit a person like probably like dad I got it pops up front of me and then. And I won't tell mama and so we only tells mom and my what I was thinking. I look at that Aetna Beckett go either way I am a better it's much and why I ride while I'm amazed you are a genius now. Men are idiots and the women crazy how do you owe him. I forgot the lease of that. It was Lee Brice who said that by the way when it ain't it crazy just misunderstood and I like that and I currently rise again tonight at VA Haas is seen leaving the only tickets and information and keep us ONN dot com.