Producer Steph Goes to the Dentist

Thursday, September 28th


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You're about to find out when that what what happens when you yell your kids and they could care less. And it makes them laugh even harder OK okay hit it at at at at. Well good on him in the morning the gas from the very same morning show the brighter Jimmy goes the dentist and sings karaoke. Gentle karaoke we've presented. Bruce's death goes the dentist and yells at her disobedient kids. Or at least tries to what's going on here. RA you know when you're growing up and your mom accidentally called you by the wrong name cause your sibling name and then everyone lay absent or the dog yes exactly that whole moment of being discipline is gonna happen. And I realized when I came home from the dentists have my mouth is numb. I'm just gonna laugh and my kids are not gonna listen I mean yeah they sound like this that. All right I got home from the dentist and a half my mouth numb and I realize that. It's really hardy out that kids. With them now much public. But a big you McAllen to iron and it and you sound like you're drooling as you're saying yeah so all. And you know what you were drilling return my gosh I hate that feeling don't you yeah and that an athlete on the need to do you multi buyer and legal avenues most of them. Tammy I don't ask you do you all horrible example. And I'm so hungry and I just wanna eat something but you can and you can yell or Kenya. But it's. They don't take me seriously that's right. Open on the table and Moe is yeah. The are. Dead and the ones who just got back from the dead is getting cavities yeah. And you can tell they're really asking me. Well. I'm let me Andy and I. Laughing yet mom you're O'Leary is what's best but plan. And they may and yeah. Soon to them yeah wouldn't that. A hundred could become British and recreate that you put it down you city's decline woman. Manipulative and it's about much know what about the. It isn't all that I laugh along now that's a good. In your right then the whole thing of discipline is gone once you lose it you laugh it's over the cut my mother when she used it to Madison she would have liked her little slippers something in this next. That she'd like go to smack you but she couldn't he images like I don't wanna hear image and like just ten yeah and then even like. It I. But here at Atlantic flights and by the way you're ever going to the dentist would you please record yourself sounding foolish would love that. I like send it to us and look up with something nice. The least we can do offers her.