Jeff Garlin on the Return of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Thursday, September 28th


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We are real special treat recently where cleans coffee shop in Coronado and Jon Garland a legendary comic. Who is on Curb Your Enthusiasm you probably know better right now as the dad comes home from Morgan takes his pants off on the Goldberg's the first thing he does that at that Cipro area's great guy was performing at the La Hoya comedy club. And sat down and an and chatted with us. And at the time we did have had any idea that Curb Your Enthusiasm was coming back riots if you are Curb Your Enthusiasm fan you are stoked like I am because it is in fact coming back and if you are not seen Curb Your Enthusiasm annually with the hub bub is about. I believe that you can check it out on demand if you have of HBO. Or not if you're streaming I believe Amazon you can check it out on that as well this was a Superfund treat for me have been trained so. If you can thing is trying to tell me keeping them excited talking to Jeff Garland the never know who's gonna walk in the door John this is awesome if you are a fan of the legendary. Curb Your Enthusiasm if you are a fan. Of these super funny sitcom the Goldberg's on ABC venue should be home. That we are joined by. The dead from the Goldberg's. Bleary David's manager Jeff Garwood rapists. So it's very exciting. And that you were in one of my favorite movies ever. Which is Wally Wally I love Wally Mark Brown of wallet than anything I've ever done it this week moving Academy Award winning movies there has. I'm sure it'll ask you all the time are we gonna see some new Curb Your Enthusiasm. I just saw Larry last week. And the answer is. We both don't know. And by the way I think there's a decent chance you know it could happen so there you go. And I swear that's really all. He roomed with him I don't. Now anything more than. You do something that he seems to me to be terrifying in this instance you'd be very easy to do which is in prop comedy the ex im proud acting yeah did I hear correctly that when you do stand you don't prepares that was just go up and just. Flo is there room. That is some 100% true. Tarmac at the mercy. Of how good the audiences okay put the audience's bad. I usually do pretty dirt bug it's a lot of work to be honest with you. The most loyal audiences. Are always great that's why I come back here perfect because they're great. So you must obviously going with the first thoughts. I don't know you know really his week. Of applause is done you're looking at them yes and that's how you yes go with it. Now okay so what would. Get your thoughts started on that anywhere if you got any student is already wearing a goofy hat to them about their had a their beard cocaine and that'll lead them. Let's talk about beards and that'll remind me of a story and I tell the story and you know that's sort that is so awesome movie or every channel pretend this crowd right here acquaintances here is is your audience tonight you want it either because they're all facing the other direction diet and there eating. So really my struggle will be just getting their attention sir what can I would be the adventure this is so well this is where they're taking your pants off my coming here. Well I'm glad I don't coming out round up. You aren't gonna pay these people are hungry the they're not gonna pay attention to a Mac guy with no plan. I was sweet man and a great. Great talent I mean Jon Garland is the super cool dude is the beleaguered manager Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. And is also the producer of that show he's really beat with with Larry David the co creator. With all the respect so stoked about that hand if you want more economic insulin dot com.