What NFL Team Should We Route For?

Thursday, September 28th


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Now that's the chargers are gonna trauma the fake chargers are playing out in LA a I guess you can call bag that edges off to a wicked cool oh in three starts. We cheer for now I mean diehard charger fringe you know you're gonna stay the same. And that's good you shouldn't because that's the that's your team but if you're you know what did they left mean I'm gonna leave them two who's your new team give us a reason to cheer for that team. Tim is a force premier Packard on your protest is blue in the ours is agreeing gold in the face but. Many people are important that shot. On nine you know why it's not fair. It's not fair read talking today's bears Packers do yeah deceased we so important to me bring in my bridge your licence so bad now. But you're wearing the packer hearings I bought you for Christmas has to rub it in my face test 'cause I'm supporting nineteen men when I have my Jersey on I have my earrings on what did Allison cheer for your team kind of convince us yes the ccb such an important data merely Christmas itself. Their line. Hope Del Mar strong winds tonight and I know I thought that I I'm superstitious when it comes to wearing my team's Jersey on team game day. I never ever gonna Wear my Jersey or any kind of paraphernalia. My team loses of course they lose any B I was gonna say they do when you don't so why not Astaro does a little maybe as soon. And something or maybe finding new team prison stepped aside to get you to talk about why we should cheer for your team and maybe you can use this because you don't have a teenager when war. A derivative of the in the. All right we know die hard chargers fans are gonna state chargers can't even though they're an Alley but if you are Rupert team seems to be will be rooting for. Kelly what's your pick and absolute agreement packed games and are you see Eddie eagle border rain. Went and raised up my fiance and I love the Packers ever since giving kids. Yeah and that we vinyl is limited Dunn in we decided. I decided I wanna get wanted to get on with them like he would only let me if it had some kind of Packers being oh we came home one day and I said what do we even lit up. Now we haven't done in his name is Lambeau and we're happy packet handling. Deliberate dog it. Did Lamo Gary QB SQ document Evan why should people root for the Packers become Packers fans that delicate bird team tibia and a. It is sad that history there the best team in the NFL in my opinion and Aaron Rodgers Jordan announcing needs as well. Long did love it and yes I have aired writers and dirty Nelson comic Chris. The street. There this summit and. And I guess none of the land but that I'm older Peyton among others mr. yeah out in the mountain. The right what you're saying. Sydney city what team should people be pretty Ford now that the chargers are now. Unfortunately. I might say the 49ers. But right now we got them from the forty whiners. We have not won a game yet. And we don't have a very good quarterback murdering mini players to get all excited about it and then don't. Goes on around you know there are inferior team and I love it India beat them. We got word Sarah volley is what's again. I was laid sooner the world's. Cordoba blow zappa who got no glare of any worth. I have a one game yeah I hooked it. Isn't Vegas yeah. I didn't. And Krista is that the Broncos fan why should people cheer on the Broncos an occasion want the best team to win and obviously. In and then I'm up our it will Lola. Anymore hey listen it's it is hard as it is to have your team just leave view. It's also hard to have your team blow. And leave view and that's exactly what's happening right now it's losing is angering me that will cost them a about half an angry John is fungi and a cup.