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Wednesday, September 27th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the at a town San Diego radio stations and Gary late. The San Diego LG BT community center provides direct program services to the many different facets. Of the LG BT community including those living with HIV and aids. The center provides essential resource is advocates for civil and human rights so much more. Joining us this morning to San Diego LG BT community center director of development. Ian Jones alchemy and so that time of the year again almost time for aids walk and run San Diego we'll talk about that just little bit. Ahmet sits you on the show last you have promotion over there at the and San Diego LG BT. In order center I sure did I am now the development director. For that of to be sent or the oldest and largest. Outreach centers in the country which is very exciting for me and what does that entail. Development is already fund raising site basically. Cornea in my department will be all kinds of fundraising from annual campaigns. All the events on the big major fundraising events that we do about. Who's having signature events a year and it's general relations corporate relations. Wine and dine all that good stuff that's okay hint. And even it if so well thought the blue shoot I have friends. Well I started as a cheerleader in chief I did. 2006. I actually formed an aids walk team. Now I was managing a restaurant Barn Hill crest. Which is dining out for life participants. Still is and for many swat team. It can agree to be this amazing team and I started. Working at the center in 2000 sudden. As the team's coordinator for aids walk and it's just kind of gone up the ladder since then that's right yeah I love it. After anyone who may not know what the senator is that what you do there and a little background information shirt. Yes we are again we're one oldest and largest of which he senators in the country. We became incorporated in 1972. You. So we are about to celebrate our 45. In adverse Sri in October which is amazing and what a lot of people don't know about the senate race here in San Diego is that. We start a lot of programs that is groundbreaking programs. That and go on to other senators throughout the country things like on Latino services you know we are one of the first borns. Can have a program like that and as being a major border city how we found that there was a need for that. Things like our youth housing projects. Downtown. Tony three units build team first formally homeless algae BT kids eighteen to 24. And last year alone we've provided over 73000. Direct service visits. Well yeah which is great it's it's amazing that it's up from 65000. A year before. So we see that there's still a big need for services in our community and what what is the mission and a senator. Here we are social services. Guy it's empowering LG BT community in them seeking services. For a better life really mean to some an ala. It's that it's advocacy work. With our communities. And it's just we want our community to live a healthy life and fulfilling life and your doors are open to any. Yeah I can't stress that enough I think. When people see that LG BT and it. They automatically think it's only OG&E TC is that it's now I think our doors are always open. We again we want our community to be healthy yes the programs and services a lot of them are designed around LG BT meaning. But and you were hosting things like food bank's senior food bank we've got a community sued bank. Through our doors really are open and we are the core of our community. And the community is still questioned the heart of Hillcrest. Picture are what's what's the address of the senate 3909. Senator streets. I've seen the California 9103. I love that you are on center street yeah I read it's always been some that I've always and that wasn't that was the plan. This is a great clutch hit. Under I always wonder that too. I mean I would have seen you over to one need two years and when I moved here the senator. Wasn't actually in the building it is. Right I'm so I always wonder if I plan. Yeah I don't know and but it's I will say senator street. Is spelled and have very fancy way spelled differently I found via REC yeah very very she she. Obama statements Danner is in the process of looking for new CEO doctor Delores Jacobs. Will be leaving the senator at the end of June next year yes how long machine in the center. As CEO for sixteen years out so it's. Definitely seen some major growth and on sixteen years I'm in. You know we're excited for her that she's and builds it really what it is today and average Sandefur urged kind of like just relaxed probably a little bit yeah now is he retiring. Her immediate plans are afterwards and now she's she's done a lot for the senator sixteen years on my gosh tremendous tremendous Wear off. Dairy. Sad to see her leave that we're excited for her. And and has the search going in for a new CEO you know it's it's in the early stages they've just selected. A national search firm. Tom said the need the board is coordinating this whole our board of directors. It's kind of cordoning this whole search and all the information arsonists on our website this and I ST dot org. But they just announced that national search firm. Which will then they'll go and build an elected job description might what is this description. And then do a national search and so yeah the big deal. Let's talk about some your programs at the center let's start with your behavioral health service. Sort of behavioral health services huge department we have the senate. He game it's houses one of the largest staff. Behavioral health in senior that Tenet teeters around HIV aids I'm and that's not jobs the only thing that figure I've seen. Honestly I've been seen in the past year and a half two years seen a lot more youth come into those dollars. Families youth energy I mean. All kinds of counseling and support groups whether it's substance abuse sexuality gender identity. Couples. EU naming anything you would find it in normal therapist. We have at their tip. And and all your services have that they all take place at the center in Hillcrest now we have. Primarily that's our main facility. And that's our headquarters. We have a couple other properties. So we have right now. Yes three other facilities. That would house a card you senator. Two of those are you senator's wine and crusty senator. No we also have in south they we have a new one of the south bay clubhouse. Which is another you senator. I'm we also have downtown San Diego sun burst you housing projects. And that is again for eighteen to 24 year olds many of them. Kicked out of their homes because they identified as LG BTQ for families this kind of kick them out which. It's a very common story it was a commentary when I was younger. I'm still the same problems today. And those kids often times becoming at risk felt substance abuse problems could be living with HIV. I'm mental health. That is a pretty amazing Paramount I'm very fond of and then we have opening at the end of this year if another new property in partnership with faculty housing works. I diets and their first ever senior algae ET affirming housing project so affordable housing for seniors community housing Orix. Has that building and we are going to be heading up all the programming so it's exciting to us is Sara. On the homeless population youth homeless population. They're big dead. Amount of the population it is OG VT yeah I'd say in San Diego. Guide stayed close to half. Ye homeless youth identify ads. LG BT and they exact percentage. It's a big number it's I think it's a surprising number for a lot of people odds here it's. Sites it's a big problem. Now what about Adam you're HIV services such. That has expanded beyond belief in the past couple of years with the launch of our beat the generation campaign. Gained 2014. I mean it was all about reducing new HIV infections. And so what we have done in the past years besides the whole. Message Jeanne. Beat generation. We've expanded our HIV testing so like we said earlier with our doors are always open. Includes HIV testing is that we offer. Each idea and Pepsi testing that's free to the community and it doesn't matter who you are. I'm you can come in for a walk in Europe and sixties that we during testing and it's on the spot results. Just great it's a quick. Oral test an aggravation of their status even if they think that they are not risk could be at risk and it's it's always good good peace of mind to know your status. And and you have mobile clinics it is that for HIV testing. Now acts it well and she could hear that there's no need because we have. Our testing lounge and it's not like a sterile. I will say that's better testing it's not a scare all. Four white walls were your nervous and now it's. We call little round so its. Here come and in his music playing and you sit in a lounge like listening to comfortable dad it's late great writing and over the sanity and have great writing. And and then we have a mobile clinic that comes. Once a week on Mondays and they basically do all the basic services of a medical office analyze it yet they do they do it off so it's. Basically if someone wants to skip a payment they would just follow the center and make an appointment and you have discussion groups out of the state they set the standard they do now what kind of suck that discussion groups are. Mean there is. We've got so many different discussion groups that are facilitated by community members. I'm we will have once with gender identity. Others ones for youth we also have. Meets on the which is all about. You know Latino families and supporting their loved ones you know so we have those families during that we have. Parents transgender kids that I can coping with fat. We've had some partners for a living with HIG. Geez I can go on on this there's a ton of different support groups and some it's so much has said and done. As far as HIV and aids in the years in mind as as you know my brother passed away from aids in 1995. So since then. Yeah the progress has been made is just incredible guy it's it's pretty amazing. I think people a lot of people kind of live. Still with that idea. The ninety's. Eighty's and ninety's. And what it was like Pacman and even I'm in myself living with HIV since. The early two thousands. I've seen it change drastically. It's very match. Tees now year lifting you know someone who's living with HIV. Is living a normal life and I've lived in the same period of life if they're on their medications. And those medications from. Literally one pill a day I'll wake up in the morning take one pill with your daily multi vitamin a I don't feel any side effects often and it's pretty amazing so it's if a person's on their medications. He'd become what's called undetectable. And it's a big deal undetectable is basically they cannot pass on the virus to anybody so. I've being undetectable is a form of prevention. I'd safe sex. And you won't get HIV from a person he's undetectable. And yet and it's pretty amazing people don't know that but. Mean prevention is and what's being with Sammy is undetectable. Someone using condoms and then also being with the person who's negative. That is Tom Pratt. And crap. He's a one pill a day. For folks that are HIV negative and it protects them from getting HIV. Pretty amazing I cause it's like birth control. That's the best way to compared to some writing as it protects you from. Getting HIV and then we're also and this is amazing that a lot of people tan now there's a pill called pat. That's kind of like the morning after pill. Basically if you feel that you have been exposed to HIV you can go to urgent care the ER. Some prescription pad as long as you take this pill within 72 hours after exposure in a protective fruits or me. Isn't it amazing so it's come out unbelievable yes it's come a long way and it's not it's. One of the things that still exist if you're gonna compared to the 80s90s is the stigma. Probably for a person living with HIV. The hardest thing about HIV is not any kind of medical issues. He would he is the stigma that's associated with HIV and that's also what's holding people back from coming in getting tested it's going from the and seeking treatment. The stigma really is the big. Key factor in all this and which is why and events like aids walk are so important. It progress as far as that statement goes in and that's that's statements been there for a long time right gosh you'd think by now it had been you know not there. He now. I always believe. That it's getting better and then I have a conversation. We'd see something in the news she's coming in the news or just over here. Out in team needs is over here maybe some of the jokes about HIV or aids. And he now and I'm like how guys that stigma still is pretty strong maybe in guy. And stigma still there yeah I mean and believe that it is going down. And you know we at the center. Are working very hard to try and educate people because. That truly think if you don't know what being undetectable is that right there can help reduce that statement did you realize that. Not at risk with a person living with HI I'm and I think the more people educate themselves. About HIV in 2017. You know ever going to do their part in helping eliminate stigma. And get tested get tested everybody should get tested retesting sixties that we get the senators are it was bang in the tail off after. Found us about the the LG BT veterans wall on center. Yeah that's a pretty special thing again we were. 1 of the first to start this if not the first stars and LG BT veterans wall of honor we have a ceremony in November. And what it does is basically and got some of our LG BTQ. Military that have served its. For so many years often times in silence. Hands you know there their names are up on wall that will forever be at LG BT cents and you can be seen. Some of the people that have been inducted this is pretty amazing Kristin back. Guy who probably was one of the first public. Profiled. Transgender. Military people that was conducted data centers CNN documentary on her she was a navy seal so we've done that I've heard stories from my World War II veterans. I'm a couple. That are living in silence back fan I'm some people went through some pretty struggles people who were. Fish out in the military when they were serving in silence. Gather some pretty amazing stories that just inspire and people that deserve to be honored. So that by seventeen induction ceremony will be in November yep. Sure well. Just out of touch on this real real quickly because we are getting close to a the end and and we do need to talk about the aids walk and run yeah but speaking of the military and India at VT veterans wall of honor. With this new military. Transgender band. How is the LG BT community. Being affected by at war what's being said about it. Well I say this if you mess with wanna messy mess mess with all of us and I think that's. One and the beautiful things about. The LG BTQ community is that we not only look after ourselves that we let. After other communities that are. Being targeted. Yeah for discrimination and that's exactly what this transgender man has its discrimination. I am not the country we live and it's. Not the beliefs. That I know myself and many other B Bob that are Americans. Are transgender community have fought for our country they've gone to war. They've gone through the struggles hands on to threaten somebody like that that's defending our country and it's it is. It's just what America stands for I mean and so there were not happy about it and tonight I can guarantee you we will be marching and doing what we can't make sure that doesn't happen. Because we've had to go through these kinds of things. I'm an every time we go through those kinds of battles we've become stronger as a community. It with Don't Ask Don't Tell. We do it all the time marriage equality. It's something that constantly. Happens we are gonna try to me given that right and then had a tape confront. Is what sucks yeah I won't go into the whole political. Right here let's let. But does he go off along with that so let that seems to be like gay. Current trend right now it's like people have these rights and we're gonna take time away kind of things out. I am I just bulls say that we we're fighters we've had to fight. Many of us in the communion you've had to fight majority of our lives for something and guy just makes us stronger when we come together and boy can we fight. I keep fighting for you get it what's rightfully yeah. Right and just what's right period exactly yeah exactly. I so side. Before we start talking about aids walk and Iran you have as you mentioned earlier and 45 anniversary is coming up for the senate dominant personal one right. There's forty prevent this or I am knocking on the 45 day at ten. And then you have a big event Canada we give you our very sent via have our 45 anniversary sapphire gala. I'm has satires in 45 years it's at the hotel dal on Saturday October 21. It's a very special gala one because 45 years is a milestone for an algae BT senator. Ken early seventies he can imagine. What it was like shorter those folks you were algae ET. In the seventies I was pretty rough so. It's pretty amazing that this is happening. We only do a gallon every five years so that makes even more special. And then on top of it with doctor Jacobs retiring next year. And she has worked so hard and built so much of lights we have today. Confidence can you special gala that would include nice cocktail hour live music I'm a wonderful Gallo with a lot of surprises. We are that tells you BT senator so it's a party. I think you were in the kind of blown away by some suffered Iran. And it's also got me an opportunity that Oregon honor some of our founders and early supporters from the seventies and actually start with this you know as a Jess Jess there was no longer with us. Put found an answering machine in a closet. To help line and that's kennel you know our foundation. You know I'm 45 years later we're providing services to over 73000. Votes it's pretty amazed. And NN another signature event of viewers are my favorites is dining out for life about it and that's with the people here it is April every year. I don't know that it's actually but it's the last Thursday of April. I'll always follows on last Thursday April it will be spectacular you know over seventy restaurants last year participated to donate. Turning 500% of their sales to HIV services. And embassy to about HIV. A lot of people think it's not really a thing anymore. And again the stigma as these huge people still need access health care how whiff this political climate there are. HIV services that are on the cutting marking out there at risk so it's now more important than ever to raise these funds to provide services for people. And that's what dining out for light does and a 100% guys and now aids walk and run the San Diego coming up this Saturday September 30. This is what 28 here. 62 when he the year as aids walk and so it started and mid 80s1985. As the walk for life. And back and again that stigma that stigma keeps coming up and others it shouldn't I you just insane or aids so they call that the bark for life and then. We kind of took that back in 1989. And it has been aids walk and nine cents a Candice this takes place in the heart of Hillcrest. Starts on normal street right yep normal throw a block from the center up one block from the senate and normal street in university avenue. And damn people expect you walk. Mean isn't that pretty fantastic events for hat. Rio we usually eat. It starts about 8000 people at 8 o'clock. It we'll have an opening ceremonies. It will have. Teens over probably a 150 teams so. You have the teams and its its family and friends it's large corporations. It is. I nonprofits. Schools at all walks of life coming together for one common purpose and that's to raise funds for HIV services in San Diego. I'm it will have got a four mile walk how we also have eighty. Almost four mile three point nine mile certified Ryan. So what certified means is we've had the court certified. For distance on people get a timing chip. It's competitive. But it's also not competitive so if you wanna run it. To compete against somebody we give awards in each age division and if you don't and you just wanted my challenge yourself. Clergy to do that because all the funds go to. Funding recipients can you name Adam feuded recipients out of the center that will benefit from the past so one of them. Is Christie's place they place the actress is faces a smaller nonprofit that is for. Women and children affected by HIV and aids. I've they have been around I believe since the mid ninety's. And very special place because again he Cheney doesn't really discriminate in affects all of our communities. We also have another line powerhouse is San Ysidro health senators which is in south day and they are. The school that clinics have people seeking HIG. I treatments. Medical just in general. They are awesome power house fundraising team. We also have one of our top teams right now as possibilities. And possibilities it is for. Folks that are many of them are long term survivors of HIV aids I'm so they've seen some of the struggles. I think you all kinds of events throughout the year and it's it's good. For folks living with HIV you can often times. Seclusion or south from others and that's one of the struggles. So having those networks of support and being with other people who maybe going to the same medical issues that's what possibilities now. Mama's kitchen between now I delivering meals. He is good. Also seen you go you services. I've because more often. Our younger generation is impacted by HIV. And we see that number license. It's very important event. In almost out of time but I did want to mention to you have. Incentives you have an extra mile club you share dale tell us about that yes we do you incentives so. Hundred dollars you get a T shirt to fifty. You get nothing for. As for my narrow for my own team he adds that they did geography. I couldn't read the color is your star locker. And then a thousand dollar livelier extra mile caught so. What that means is at aids walk Saturday. I there's actually a kind of a VIPs and couple extra mile yes and I did things this year where people will get. A souvenir photo. I'm which is great getting crowned. That people go crazy for our crown I mean my grandkids always loved the crimes I always get the extra mile. Finisher Dario my grandkids as law. And it's a paper called counts followed us. People I've. Ever driven many are good to have it. She get a crowned. It's express check in there's coffee at peace treaties. It's just really a way that we can appreciate our extra mile club members who really have gone above and beyond and with a time of fundraising where there's so many different things to donate to you know these you've of the on the and it's just opener. Raising money and making a difference and HIV community which. As over you know 181700. People living with H Indians and so to be deal and another big thing is is big yellow shoot. You know ten people on your team or you raise a thousand bucks you team raises a thousand bucks big yellow shoe with your team name you sure here and act as a coral class at the this is it just a plastic tube. A group. But it's gonna stick and yet anybody can started teen and then you get that she knew and then you also get a team meeting station. Trevor and gather but it's really find a way to get involved. You know it's a great Saturday morning you two wonderful walk through compress through Balboa park. And you're walking around with his big yellow issue and people are proud of it I mean you ray I am. You raise a thousand dollars or get ten people who join its unity wanna show that option you're entitled to show off and they're making a difference. Yes act it's it's an event that I I look forward to every year I think this year's I think my ninth year of doing it. Do families started out just my daughter is now my grandkids though that's that so we look forward to it love it it's it's fun event. And it feels it yah those good via their doing doing good. In the community ray yeah we appreciate you being this year is very enthusiastic about aids aren't and I love it or not. Now the the walking is is this Saturday yup and and what time does a start. Opening ceremonies will begin around 6:35 AM. The writing begins at seven twining in the walk begins. At 730. OK and and people can register if they don't do it head attack and can register today yeah yeah. Definitely that Santa. Show up to aids rock. You registration might actually be a block govern in the center's auditorium right but streets are blocked off CI a story about much. And and that dogs and children are welcome right they are more than welcome we have a pat rest area. Sponsored by Tracy's cause she's a local nonprofit and your pets can get hydrated. Kids are always welcome have a lot of fun doing this a lot of the local businesses get involved too with it's fun. And and I love the though along the route you've got cheerleaders. And people cheering beyond. We did and water stations along the route as well handing you waters you get to that. And it's it's candy yen higher. It's water stations eggs state senator Tony I can sponsor as one water station and we app. High school students in chairs squads. That kind of root everybody on to China again. I know it's early in the morning is is always gotta get that every Catholic out Harriet. I think it's great yeah it's it's a lot of fun just. London every year so. Let's via the senator website. The center's website is the senator ST dot org. And you can visit to ease while website if you wanted to register online that's Eads want ST dot org. OK so that's again this Saturday September 30 in Hillcrest in all the information. Is on center website as laws of course the the aids walk. A San Diego website. And we will have some information on the stations. Website as well. On the community events pace he can go get linked from there as well. I have one more thing here okay for any of your listeners. Interest and in doing that run I'm got a discount code. For ten dollars off the registration. Runners are receive like I'm mad all which is a fantastic battle I'm and that discount code is save ten. That's our cap save the number ten duke and that's what they would put in when they register yet under the discount code a great. Ian as always a pleasure seeing you pleasure having you on the show thank you for all that you do at the San Diego LG BT community center and I will see you Saturday you Chua thinks trap me. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from veterans 360 and carried the challenge. Until then I'm Gary they have a great week.