What Do You Talk About During Date Night?

Wednesday, September 27th


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So let's eavesdrop. On a super sexy. Tammy in curtain date night. Be a fly on the wall for the riveting conversation check this out. Its business strategy and the movies I think. And driving that we once you really didn't die. Because I I don't I don't want. Makes you feel bad we had a really nice thing I think it was really nice to finish other. Is we we had a really nice time again I'm doing is kinda funny. There was an the week here and take out some swearing at some bad drivers. But we enjoy the movies very much in the on the way home hasn't wanted to learn more about the story that we watched in the movie. So he was looking now imagine driving home and you look at deflated to schooling for me so I didn't really have a lot to say either side. Right after every twenty years where when we're we are totally comfortable. Being. Quite with us tonight at times yeah till the fourth converse in Cologne at all that consumers to. That's the worst I can't believe you guys both that in the Chevy is people in government my life of me is is Debian a merry for awhile and he's got to force congress usually your husband he has throughout the day when we're when you can. And sexy we had a little family outing for. I said de La tell us their data and those are dates we have Marguerite does rain we were chatting about where man when athletes out of used to always drive and together we can drink caddie says you know so many kids and it's like do you drive and I met this arterial. A I don't go into the pet store after a Margarita hands we hand out this. These changes the baby's diaper. 60957. On number 197 through the summer 101000 tickets continues the judgment in the into second and insolent. Heather and correct you're going to lead ratio. Yeah I'm tired it there was a mile deep together. I don't a year. So you have played talk about or will you be just as boisterous as Tammy kind of where they're today. We are okay so quiet now. I don't. I don't I have no idea. Locally not the kids. No right. Kids and then anything that thinking and you can agree with him at all you guys talk about that's it well that's our life right now more year old a three year old and I almost five month old yeah. It's EC does not quite so wonderful now doesn't. Hello you Andrea. And so I am your. O'Malley ERE. Team because not practical life. And I dot. But got a school Ellis and then does that you've been a day together. And booed him and. Yeah. Actually in court. That. That means that the last and Andrea in her cousin went a date was June 22 and a half year they're doomed. And it. Very busy and that's what happens you know it's nice to have this kind of an apartment. Nation. What are you in your wife talk about when you're on dates. On day diet normally planning for the future code word try to actual call. But it. Were coming up on a year and a half yeah. Noon they're doing their.