Employment After Deployment: Kasey Goulet is Hired!!

Wednesday, September 27th


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We have John Jamie's employment after deployment it cancel and outcomes of the John tape and agency all kinds of men and women a will be the best employee you've ever hired. The military men and women their heroes who are just trying to transition out of the military and get. A civilian job we've got Casey with us right now Casey join us few weeks back on employment after deployment KC eight. And though I got a job yeah my employer now. Heard on the radio. You got a job after your employer Hersh you unemployment after deployment yeah all I gotta love stories like this that means we get to play this. Okay. But so great EP. There he says he called me one day in the exact Charlie instantly in the Mets are popping in you despite. About the paper I want your partner. I agree what did you give out years and give your new employer shout out. Knock down on the west 8 PM. Thank you very dinged up. So great man. Refresh everyone's maverick AC joint is really not that long ago and had literally just gotten out of the Marine Corps. And has a baby at home and didn't have a job it wasn't freaking out yet had his eyes on the prize came in las. And boy how long did it take yep you're on the air with us Casey. They're clearly like less than a week. Gosh. And all right mammal congratulations I can tell you probably drive to work right now how relieved are you man you got this on your way out of the way. I'm certainly because premiere. I have matching. I'm also married and I didn't where are on on the radio here I didn't mention our Mary. All honey wipe that it would be all eyes and she. Yards I'm all right well what is your wife's name gender are I'd seen Andrew. Do it. Hey Casey by the way that so many calls maybe start off with the fact that you made. It available for an almost forgot again. If you are right congratulations. Kasey what a great story thank you all right get to work young men are all right take care I can't think you better call now.