Uh-oh John Owes Producer Steph Money!

Wednesday, September 27th


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Producers down as a social dilemma she wants to get off her chest. Your input is certainly I guess important to this I don't know anything about it 619570. Number 1973 just heard. Yes I'm a little nervous at all OK we'll speak or see them room jeopardy in areas Alan no no I don't Marshall important. And husbands as you know is to make. All right it's what are those awkward questions social dilemma on. RA chat. Hero yet a he had the twenty bucks seal almighty god are you kidding me this is my part time asking you have a it's gonna. That than a month it's been asked to be this month she's got an elephant into you know infidelity and went on a photo shoot it was a month it was a couple weeks ago. It was September 1. September 27 today. About a mile and a about a month and yes I've got to forty dollars we've gone. Nearly the air really well that's what it too I guess. Every other I'm yelling at me off all let's wait till payday time. A T after the show. I do remember saying that last week how can you just absent minded ideas forgets things sometimes them purposely not trying its twin dollars for God's. Twenty Arnold and. Oral promises clarify this right now I'd borrow from Edison had an army to pay the photographers and you borrowed it from now she's now. I'll take your views what you said as I'll get you later but it was later guy. Thought I'd ever sent hundreds of what day. I got. Gas to get your Mike we talk bustling l.s well my visit the out gripping their finally have to ask somebody to come. Eight to shake you know I mob boss you know and handed it to react and admirable with these video and I'll. Can't title and let these go get it. Because otherwise depth I don't think you're. Fiercely because he'll say I'll get it later and then it won't have a cup. Phillip and had this happened in your clay if the US somebody they give me the money back how many times do you ask you just let it go. Our phone number is 61957. Known number one at 973. Hey Josh when a friend borrows money how long till you asked for it back. It depends on how much money. OK so all how much money he does it take then for you don't know I gotta get my money back in when is it okay that kind of leave it alone. Do you believe anything over fifty dollar golf bug yet. But it'll it'll take me at it'll make me rear or. All you know me and I'll give are you know exactly they are now at I did give up all those before him like look just give me my money. And that's exactly. He's had 34 times and finally is like please can I just to have my money back hot you got right about giving it to are pleased that we can Politico. And it's. Okay. I. I can't believe that some really want to chime in yeah yeah 19570. Number one at 973. Do you ask and ask and ask Hillary how long. I completely ignore it. Figure out of people I am running their rat Alec and that worked out went out I mean here at all the ebit. So do you usually get your money back then. Really early. Don't worry about it. Hahn and not just gonna come back yet meek is yes he's bought me many Beers throughout the you know I have the grand it was my beer. She really she has three little babies under four hole total light sabres twenty bucks is a lot. At the time when Iowa is. Giving the twenty dollars for myself and then an extra twenty dollars for you it was yet yet. Thank you step I'll hit it back later. Verses the beer you just know it's a gracious friend saying here's a beer free tea and and I agree with you. I produced. At some 80% of flabbergasted by the slogans toll could not resolve these. Every times is he bison would appear you expect that I'll spend any thing okay. Well then when you say any active argument I didn't give it back later and I never told you what day. It is a bit later. Now the it will look a waiter at a cook yeah. IRA. We'd like your input 61957. Out number 197. Terry. No they expect who come to work to dig in a shakedown but doesn't have to happen live on the air. And he 7:40 this morning that's what it takes Bruce's death I had asked me one too many times of pay her back the twenty dollars she offered to. To cover four mean when I was twin bookstore to pay our photographer and our John Denney photo shoot some and where I guess are wondering how many times do you. Feel you have to ask. For money to be repaid in should you have to ask Bryant returns is at stake. Two times a if I. And I SE three times and now on the air was number four right that's the cult that he had. Never ever ever accepting money from you again now in America. Let it count 619570. Number 1973 welcome John to Jimmy the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS ON a variety of things you look uses twenty blocks. Producer's death. I batted about 200 dollars but he would it's my mother or not and then he'd be linking note. And then we never got the moderator note nowadays and then by the TV. And we ask about rap about six months you know. All out I. I can't begin to act amendment and and I'll leave it in there and I think my rent only at act. Basic iron and it is than he is it by a. What is hard I mean it is his mother and I understand that you you loaned it to her however. Is weird when it becomes something again situation you're stuck in a weird spot this is gonna continue to get awkward LSU just chooses and focused in on that need the money that ever has to carry out what your life at the only way it's not gonna be awkward they always say if you loan money to a family long what you would never need back because. I won't get it back. Oh what I panic came. I've around I feel sorry about that. Go Kathy is in L Kohn Kathy US army I was asked when you borrow the money. You know I asked for a acting. Yeah do it lately Intel I need to buy something like that amount of money yet they haven't eaten in a certain amount of time I it will. Yeah I need to borrow money from now and. Smart idea who would they go yeah haven't and you gotta pay me back. Again about what you loan them. I. Well it's. And it at a large amount of Manny if you had a well. Get it on don't brand and it got caught the attention adding there you go he might. Is that worth come to step up rebounding and you've gotten us totally not requesting ten dollars. But the about a wonderful release of the and I have no well look seven mile like I was going to land a best friend of mine 300 dollars in my mom's Upton said I don't care how closest friend is. You are going to sign a piece paper that you lent this money. For three excuse me a lot of money income because she learned that from Judge Judy well John we know is best yes all right. Get it right there are a good thank you sir let's go to Elizabeth and lakeside Elizabeth. How many times do you ask before you get money back from someone you loan until. And if they have a dynamite his second time would you do. I'm usually on. And that I am all it. He wasn't. Sure. I'll take something as from the new. Nobody has popping Illinois pop up up up up up up. Well. I'll bet on McKinney back in booed but I guess but and a work but I actually Monday it would be better. What what time somebody paid you back in voter you paid them back and vote. Not the 10 well time I would buy my friend either I would buy their food or clothes back I. And she's like oh OK you don't think there and then a couple named later I get a Perino or it. Liquid and I am. We're gonna do. I know I do enjoy debris. I. Whenever I take a foot long sub we're nods. You thank you lose then you. I'm very happy eating and and who becoming the amount you received pay me yes where's my twenty bucks.