Spy The Lie - September 27th, 2017

Wednesday, September 27th


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Mark is in San Marcos to play. Go mark. It. So I although he heard a Taylor Swift has boxers got many stalkers fortunately. On the one of them was a that was deemed not fit to stand trial this week in Los Angeles were met I've said this a million times. But give me. Fortune but you can keep the fame you are at a that right. I know it's hard it's hard she's had lots of starters this it's this one and with them so they market that's going to be our topic for spy the lineup people who have stalked Taylor Swift. About stalkers in general regarding Tammy in me okay but one of us is lying to you your job as a spot lie you ready for this. Tim and then start I once had a stalker that sent meal to my. Holm address. Repeatedly. What a shock I never had a stalker but a girl idea once told me I was a stalker just 'cause I used to hang outside the restaurant where she worked watcher wait tables. All right marker. I he had very. It charmed life in. I hope so I was gonna say I was gonna say that I was getting. It's well he's my idol you're not supposed to tell. Because I'm telling the truth I just realized. How creepy maybe sounds a glut of honesty and out the window launch user mode and I did like you're. A younger man we plot that went yeah every day. Late for work today Larry so yes I did have a soccer it was very scary. Because. Males showed up at my home address not a my work address. And I don't know how this person I got mine got my address has sent all kinds of inappropriate things cut out pictures from magazines including done. And yeah I was I had to get the police involved her remember this when this and here's the deal I was in a string of women he was doing this to. And what he would do is after someone called the police or did something he would move on to someone else. But then taken that person's address and put it is the return address in the corner. This is how we found it well because the police to solve hatteras and then in the return and went to that woman's house and at first thought it was her doing it depends sheep produce evidence of this guy doing it to her. And very different address was these two girls who worked at a tanning salon. When he heard very address the area did you ever find out how he got your home address bomb. I think I know how we did but I don't wanna disclose that. Oh I don't wanna give anybody any idea who it was he would they did Brian say they absolutely did find him Yasser a police had to go undercover and I'm not like Chad you like the things that this guy was talking about golf. Yeah the weird life yeah that's crazy czar and the kids are just to reiterate to anybody just join us halfway up. In my life I never stood outside arrest try to watch anybody work and repeatedly. Repeatedly if I keyword variety. All right bartender at buddy you did successfully. I you have taken advantage geeky as soon as I'm 1101000 tickets we have a feeling back on tickets for SeaWorld San Diego to check out spectacular. Also wanna remind everyone else for only ten dollars more than a single day tickets. You can enjoy unlimited admission free parking in more with that so cal. Annual pass. Right aren't they cute so much get a little bit. Men enjoy that mark where you work at the polls are. I don't blame this let's isn't it I thought popped every day.