One Second Cinema - September 26th, 2017

Tuesday, September 26th


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And saying you know. On me and you are going to be the first contestants are eager to I was hardest because you. Haven't heard yet where other people get a chance to. So listen up cheer audio clip of one seconds in a month and then we'll play twice and get your gas okay. Are hearing now lives in Texas. Squirrels. And again Genentech sex grills. I know this was making me levels and. Well it's a once against the willingness Amanda I don't mean. You announced it is tough when you hear you probably Thea and you you wanna throw theme out or movie out. You know what I am a little. Yeah Amanda thank you and Alan Alan what little 12 Sonoma here is your 12 cinema clip Gentex sex growth and again. Don't Tex mex grill. That this group such as grew up all my. And I can't have no idea but job. It sits at the core quick pick up. That is not right now all right let's go to Levi Levi a listen up tier 12. Cinema Genentech expects growth. And again don't take six grills and Levi what's your 12 Saddam against. A motive yet. News it's not caddie shack but at the moment their movies of all time thinks about Bryant Marc Marc welcome to 12 cinema check out your 12 cinema clip Gentex exclusive. And again Genentech expects growth. A but I can't make it out. Okay Iraq. All right that's right no worries mark all right template clues and here's what we're gonna do we get a clue and this movie is he remake correct. With a different name minutes original. Game remake and your kids probably saw yes we saw the original your kids saw the unit yet that said it's also a book. And that's enough clothes for you nice of her miss greedy 61957. Though number 19731. Seconds and a more beer guesses and hopefully the correct answer. We come back Johnson in the morning a San Diego's number one for new country KS ON. SNL. I went to Imperial Beach when the time for some clues to review it's a remake of a classic movie with a different name him your kids probably saw this one you probably saw the original if you got kids. That said it's also a book. Here comes your 12 cinema. Gentex sex growth and again Genentech sex growth what's your 12 cinema guests. Are back. Is it's Charlie and the chocolate factory let's find out who girl. Go girl yeah. Then take six grilled nuts yeah yeah. Yeah. Where we did. Back in and out seventy. My. And that was will be competing get it. The U called and then at. Said that nut job. All well and candlelight wins again. You want a family four pack of tickets. For SeaWorld San Diego to check out spooked tact you lurk also want to remind anyone for only ten dollars more than a single ticket you can enjoy unlimited admission. Free parking and more with the socal annual pass. Think our eyes by the summer 101000 ticket thanks so much or play one seconds and alone.