What Store Do You Refuse To Go To With Your Spouse?

Tuesday, September 26th


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And that is kept more giants Tammy in the morning maybe you do anything in the world with kip more except. Go to the surf shop with him with the fact. What store lead does not go to with your spouse with your partner does no way not gonna do that again. It's 8090 John Tammy in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS and. And another warm day warm week ahead of us that for seventies and eighties producer staff for what store want to go with with Brad how well we can't get every other way around he purposely stays home while I go shopping and Wal-Mart. While ago walk out like right now we're sold. We are so hustle Brothers are motorists line 570 number 1973. For whatever reason it might be. Clarice. In PBY. Eight what store rather do you does not go to with your spouse. I completely. Hate black four best I leave my boyfriend. It's so annoying. To check out increasing group staying in my after Manuel from the people on decreasing. I was like. We need to get modern it's Ike. People who can go online now you can read everything online gift or there. On the box stores hate that call would no don't do that come arsenal are I got around you for me best buys like dude haven't been. Oh my goodness is that the TV's it's electronics innocently drank since the speakers just like leaders of the surrounding watcher Carrasco it's their first. That being jealous teaming up now and I saw this we have yet I I know. Your heart so when a lot. Eddie what store you flat out refused to go up to rather with your spouse or your partner. O'Reilly 000. All right Heidi is. Are you gonna sing it everything now since you are winner for sure I don't. Please don't and so your man daddy goes O'Reilly is a lot. Yeah he always work on cars. How long is an average ritual Riley's true probably like thirty minute but it didn't like each side. I. Yeah. Airlines Veoh and Jamie's husband Kurt and I built my deck and we would go to Home Depot. And then all I forgot this we go back to home due to literally 56 times a day we were in home deep gotten. Bottle right next seek a small start compared to non deep ball but there's tiny little parts in their house. Our hearts that they have to look at everything her driving anti crazy right now sorry about that added. Don't even get me started on Home Depot week. Ha and or that's going let's go to him this Shiloh is in Oceanside Shiloh lot storage you flat refused to go to with your partner. Good morning on I do not go to usually dollar it cost me an arsenal play in some time ago. So I imagine your man is musician. He is he's an accomplished bass player all right cool cool Italy's it was a new base. Peter new anchor I gotta have been very good equipment and to make it sound like I had a pig I gotta have. I got a new string I got and the smaller group or no longer working anywhere. How's it may get. Back and Shiloh take care. Idea. That's totally true toll to 6195. Some unknown number 1973. And speaking of your husband Kurt hi Janine. Very honey what the store do I absolutely. Positively. Hate going with DO. I guess I can remember the last mile with. Need to hold people. It is it home deep well. Is very nice and I guess of I'm gonna be really fair what other store don't I like going Julie PO I guess first yes. I'm gonna guess Michael's. Not horror. I'm going to be is all any kind of flopped like a nursery no I don't mind though is now a museum pain but there's. Now minus much anymore but he always have a coupon for one year Jane pot that depth beyond. And I took it day that and beyond I do that trick like be all or he's the only the only thing with her let's move on from that. Not our players what I call. No it. It's because I heard what you say that you want one thing or two things and then what happens. I do get distracted. I have to admit that I go normally he'd be shiny stuff current. Then there's so many shiny thing to Bed, Bath & Beyond her. Yeah I get distracted again I know there's one more thing I needed that extra got to put it on my list that when people. So if you walk around long enough you'll figure out yeah god at home Depot's happiness. And you can get lost in Millwood for three days. But I think Kurds loss and a big banished plausible rods and.