Shower Idol: Luke Bryan Edition

Tuesday, September 26th


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So because Luke Bryan has been announced as the next judge on American Idol still no word on the third judge is joining Katy Perry Luke Bryan. We thought we do another version of John Tammy Bruce or steps show our idol featuring the works of Luke Bryan who may sing about and Brian while showering now joining us not just any judge today. A young lady that knows plenty about being judged since most of her life I imagine so far has been judged in pageants we've got tricky Stewart Tina miss. Lake high. Good morning Harry and we're great we're so excited that you're gonna be our guest judge today as you listen up to three renditions. Although Luke Bryan song with shower idol nothing tears. Self trinity as you were competing in the pageants that you've competed in what it was like during that time when they had the judge you and and the things that judges were looking for. While you're critiquing our work as leasing Luke Bryan in the shower okay. All right we're looking for honest critique and when you name the winner to be nice yeah. Here I our car all right here we go number one can just number one goalie got first producer's death all right since you're such a big talker let's not huge yeah. Augusta retire here we got Richard Petty. Audiobook sit in the home you don't vote. That extra into the break it down all the do you get that that cause results come home couple golf ball to all the it's gonna go for the green but a particular group of the burrows into the ball hit the ball there. Country. Just drop the soap Bruins take him. There is and paternity rates are your thoughts Obama. If I can thank you thank you okay you're good number two is is it album born. Coma. This is not cool it's easy. Phone man. Home grateful relief from home team here he is. I was I had playing we're playing good kid person. I'd say anything and played eighteen and played. He dog all right we're on with a tricky Stewart miss teen lakeside judging us for shower idol. Lou Brian's new judge and American Idol that's overdoing this produces staff your turn are here we go. Remember I'm telling that I could of gotten. Bring me home. Homer made that. PE basis they're around great EE YX. Ray. Who. There move. They think. Why did we always not gonna win. Yeah I don't like my yeah. See heavier than your extra little off on the thumb but that's used to make use our hour here to judge us team miss lakeside tricky Stewart please. All right I'm not really didn't produce that streaming from the song. Yeah. So I see. I was thinking can he had like you need an art course. He. Went to. Argue with Jack no one in which princess that might end. And I didn't yarn at bat on tour and the bad thing and keep competitions and. Letters. To remember that assuming you're trying to jump to any critique her critique your eyes she might do you like your buddy keep them out. I. You're right I think most would graduates up more team is like that and he's so I wasn't thank you very much it it means a lot coming from a actual person that's been judge from the actual teen miss lakeside to temper speech now I. Tritium and great take you so much for being our guest judge on this week shower idol. Hot area under maybe you'll see you well this weekend or next weekend at October fest in alcohol and and of course the annual trick or treat on main avenue in lakeside on Halloween night if you miss lakeside my morning. Is going to be an idol logo idea has been. I was going to win finally solved honey you did. Doesn't everybody have ski ski ski in their head now know.