What Was The Silliest Thing You Cried Over?

Tuesday, September 26th


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If you've ever wondered what's going to the mind of a multi tasker as she's pumping breast milk good luck. A good news rather you're about to find out another edition of pumping in pondering producer staff. It's 645 in San Diego's number one for new country KS orders just a few multitask when you sleep. Idea that I wake up I might follow and check you basically get into grammar right oh I don't doubt that my father used to say off they'll always a time sleepers. Can you imagine all the things we get done if we never had a sleet rain and I think you know what that might be just be more traffic to be lazy. Yes without a feminist I think. But prince's death she will let one moment go by without getting something done including providing nourishment for her child to write another addition. Of pumping and pondering with produce your staff you as the eighty deck in the back story here it always is is not going to sit there right to it aren't. Year ago pumping pondering. I. Am pondering that Condit might not well pumping out where. Pondering about this is everybody's talking about the chill it's my sister's favorite shields keeps telling me either have to watch this. But everybody who he is and I'm wondering now. It's kind of anticipated bet I'm probably going to cry like purposely not cry like when I was a teenager and I went to go see the movie Titanic. I didn't cry because everybody said and you're gonna group you're gonna cry also because they anticipated crying I didn't cry. But yet when I watch the kids movie inside out like a bright with the imaginary threat. And. As an abrupt ending by the way. Pumping all done there. And you're not a crier anyway though I only see you remember that produce the big surprise party that you had your house Jimmy. And you had all your friend from Wisconsin come in and friend nobody knew that the other one's coming that's because she was trying to arrange to have that baby that's why she was tired damage is like all great process again and get this baby out of me up every bride that's me right now because the Easter cried because couldn't drink because RD up with a group like everybody else was I think you're irritated more than any. Silliest thing we've cried over a bit now that I've heard this is us is a big project younger I know I've ever seen and then let me see now wanna watch it either because phycor now I don't wanna cry at what it well sometimes the crew has good Tina ano but there's times you just like let's sit down and have a good cry. 61957. On number 1973 silliest thing I've ever cried about recently and I was Boston by my oldest daughter. For whatever reason is I want to get nabbed in the afternoon. Abuse me and current right now OK my lifetime has Grey's Anatomy home and it's. Like a marathon. Yeah and I don't care much for the leader on the earlier every other up and every other senior slimmer. No daughter it was if you are you crying watching Grey's Anatomy. A lifetime which. No. Guess you are once and ignore both mentally and seeing. That's really bad days ago. 619570. Number 1973. Its okay to a minute and guys be strong. Or not strong Bacall often share this too because that that was not easy for me to share that on. 619570. Number 1973. Silliest thing I've cried over lately what John and Tammy and KS ON. Well the TV show this is us is entering its second season and from what we understand and really crying fasten. Writers now that the captain make people cry the super good point. It was a silly thing you cry overly it was 61957. No number 1973. Gonna cry and Oreo and away crying over the floor up. Johnson in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KSL and Nicole silly thing you cried over lately. There and that on commercial where a baby his claim that that broke out line again on lately at all. At orders a little outline dot com am peninsula on that kicked a dollar in on it. Bet on it like being about bats Brandon and being big gatherer. I'm Mike and yet I'm crying. Every time I see that commercial. I'm wondering how did they get dead dog's face a look so sad. They didn't know I don't know if I write like a Mike did you like training the dog out we'd be right I got so that all at once is is little baby sister as well I read. And in delegates did notice is dead and other sensitive dad. Notices that notices the dogs shares of the equal my love for the dog and the daughter so buys the dog a fake lion Maine and that wins the daughters love. Well actually provide. And the tears Cali great ones take you so much Larry let's go to injury and humble Andrea last silliest thing you cried over. I I can't lie you have that I really let me. Yes god almighty god stepped book should be illegal. I. I've been that I couldn't even read it my bad. That's a lot about the the the the mother it is care the sun and in the end dishonesty here the mother until she passes right. Yeah you know what that's claim propaganda released by becoming company. Is that it's c'mon you. I did pick pick pick pick pick it got silliness that's that's an errant tee if you drive ride you read a book you don't cry you have no heart lies they tell Andrea. All right John good for you man silliest thing you've cried over. Is that that recent Amazon commercial. That adds little baby that doesn't like the dogs but I'm. I just got done crying about the north and. 198. At no dog in April there. The older that if. I must be nice comparison yeah it all right John they had the only guy that called up thanks for being cool man. You know our area got a good. I've spoken to sue Oden who dog is calling Doug silliest thing that makes you cry lately and by the way good for calling it. They'd done a billion I get a compliment of blood spirit my my my woman violent that militants and it's pretty. Anyway. You're the go to court then I'd never. And the muddy and you know that's that's kind of feel it does. So I don't know my dilemma puzzlement years ago and a we're not living together and our secure the orbiter. Anyway that. Well they're doing the song you heard that lyrics. Here are some error occurred to hear about the threat to put together and I'm like you know to builders to. We're going to send this romantic. My friend that Britain Canada. And make it for you for him that's super cool you both girls right now wanna. This country but it's pretty easy outlet rust Dickerson purple that's not all I though not the regular the great lineup. And that. Contact your monitor me if you drove a drive down and then do with ya I don't play here. And make sure earlier age you guys OK Doug. A pickle are going to go to a big deal. You know young guys I. Our resident crier here as much as persist I've never cries a was shocking to me by the way Jessica cries constantly I thought. I've been out. I go to our office couple days ago I am a new week you form. What she. The Muppets do rainbow connection. Absolutely or all wheel. There's so many. So I'll agree won't get. If we're close on your dead inside yeah there's stuff. Rainbows. Are good. But only he'd eliminate its. Rainbow listener not. I. It's just Japanese. Yeah I know.