Finding out the Gender Of Your Baby

Monday, September 25th


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He's got a big get a a Teague in the your next opportunity to winning kiss on summer 101000 tickets after this one will be with amber at not aim for me. Namibian doctor appointment I'm finding out what I'm having. All. All. I'm really nervous yeah he's. I didn't crumble right but I'm gonna put an envelope and it I'm gonna find out at the baby our everybody else I'm gonna now that they can look at meet. I need or any gender neutral I'm gonna end and it Beckett beat by the legendary. So yeah reveal Dave you're not in user closure I supported an envelope and not yeah yeah year. You're letting everyone else now and you're the only one who's gonna be surprised that's really cool. Yeah I am I cannot find out that bank if they can't hold the water. It. Could have. The number three. Your ECU 2829. Tara hey. Or what's your sign. Target area and where were you born. And egg nebula. Not what the problem grow at a board already I don't really care what did you remain a boy and my partner that it may be. The idea sorry and I love that that twist on the gender reveal. These are my roommate change we're excited he's been our Sheila past pregnancies. So even target every battle right down. Oh that's wonderful wonderful tee and you know a lot going on fish taking some time to share with us this morning best of luck to you enjoy this. I'll my mom and my kids love your guys that station I can't wait to tell her to let. Well we love her for that as well against good luck and everything you don't.