Interview: Old Dominion

Monday, September 25th


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Such a great show last night talk Thomas rent with Old Dominion this those listening as a broken heart. San Diego's number one for new country KS so and then you are about to be amazed. At an Old Dominion dinner bill. I'm like get together and it's a favorite. Had a great afternoon last night into the evening at the show and had a wonderful opportunity to sit and talk down to the dudes of Old Dominion you talk down to them did you toss around them. In Arizona says. Talking dude I'm Old Dominion and we are here with the guys Old Dominion is your ultimate man. So here for ourselves about it you don't well yeah. Tens of thousands of people. How come so the couple years back. We have heard that the the group in country music was it was a good even gone genre I was never gonna happen again is also lowers are we're cool duets. Apparently old Minnesota say about that. We heard that same thing you know they kept telling us and we just kept not going away so did you just then we try to break you guys up and try to see you know what lunch do your own thing you know I just said go away at all yeah fifth yeah fifth and so we did out on the road than. But a much more shows and this you just get hammered away at it and eventually you know they couldn't ignore us. So as you guys are getting success of what was a moment that you all came together and celebrated something that really. Was like. You'll look to each other like I can't we were celebrating this together. The first one was only got a bus yeah. Yeah. This is not the first on the agenda I remember we went we have this friend of ours. We got invited on to it says any tour. And we didn't have a record deal and this friend of ours from Texas came up and he won he's you know he's got some money musical I think you guys out. And I he's helped us along the way summit together goes on to this nice that are so we took us on the senator was tough and our families like twelve of us for dinner. And he told the guy before he got in there you know. Treat these guys like royalty we want the best and then at that end he called me the next day Cummings did you know how much that he was and it was like 40000. Not yeah I thought it was insane it is now forty and it was yeah it was like 141000 knowledge how bad. Reporting have ever been efficient and commodity. So 141000 that's still sell you must have like we've dubbed best wine and champagne. Drinking water I remember I was drinking if we actually got pictures while Obama who is really good lessons in my body wasn't in the California he's like. Yes my buddies label you can buy that in store it's click did you hurdle as much. No wonder does yeah you and I'm. Bring an end Brando like we're doing so that was pretty good Childress wouldn't call friends yeah yeah actually yeah we also said never again. I'll I. 141000. Dollars now it's just I just want to reiterate these guys didn't take advantage of that guide he had said the restaurant take care of them I think the restaurant took advantage this guy Bible you held a hero I spent today good. There wasn't a lifetime thing negative happen again and there's twelve of them was what thirteen hundred dollars a person can make them trying to yep I'm trying to do the math right now Christiane that they've only grabbed me out a 141000. Dollar yes so it's 11150. Person basically I try to figure out that tipped them down there account. Well I wake up. Well that's wallets with 20% they got 240 dollars no no balcony to do without an end. Is 2800. Rate where it really cares imagine that. Almost three grand for that tipped. You have to share that with the restaurant I went in I don't know I'm sure I'm sure the restaurant is that if it 803800. Bucks just for the tip. My cash. I came and found out or 181000 dollars a year and a half. Well life is good for Old Dominion moral of the story is get a rich friends.