What Are Your Thoughts on the Protests in the NFL?

Monday, September 25th


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Now where show three people three different perspectives on things different perspectives on life different perspectives on what's happening. With the protesting and that's her want to give you the opportunity to just share your thoughts on it yes simple concise 619570. Number 197 there I've heard so many even on the key a kiss on FaceBook page so many different opinions. About the NFL pro testing of the National Anthem. As kind of spurred on by president Trump's comments in Alabama I believe on Friday. A former 61957. Known number 1973. Ayalon Zaria. I'm. I'm calling because it doesn't matter and I think people need to but you'd be better at the next you know I'm. About the whole controversy with the National Anthem I bought our current jackpot are present and all right to protest. Regardless of the matter. Awesome stuff there are so many veterans in the exact same thing yeah all right Alonso thank you for your service. All right let's go to Greta in Carlsbad Greta give issue short take on this. I think he'd be great example of respectful dissent. Short swings of appoint a lot I think he'll. Terri is in lakeside. I didn't say that they do their job I'd have thought I was I'm not like I'm lucky you want my butt off. That was just they had that sounds like I just wanna watch a football blame anyone watching him memorable things simple team lose yet again you Matt. All right thank you Priscilla insulin mr. Priscilla what is your take. I am yeah. I've greens patent it and how am I feel like what I had an appetite in people aren't. At this time until I didn't need that is acne. That app and all that I'd. But other people are getting they'll England and they did it because Kathy I'd be getting angry. Can't wait a bit it bit back in that country. Can't the heat and the bill write everything in the country together. All right thank you for your own cutting take care star is NL going stark. Hello. So I believe that if you're an empire again you need to show patriotism. So. I feel you know every American's should definitely. They that it that it should be a part of the national camp and ensure their future about. Think he's done I think you start. Irate let's go to select an Oceanside flood whats your take. Well oddly that. Back to honor love of country it that Americans think about why we ban. Very cool thank you shelty. And I don't ultra quiet and there angered him again and let him to combat deployments and let you know public eye is see a lot of they're electing me that he likes football is not reliant with the game. These playing brilliantly and of other people currently it's really can't get my. You're gonna get there including your community. You know you do things for other people you don't. Well said thank you for your service of about your husbands while Drew Brees of course who lives here in the off season play for the chargers I thought he had a very interesting take yesterday. I disagree. Would put this. Makes very unbecoming. Of the office of president as states as far as the National Anthem process driving good there's. Any quality is concerned. Good graces. Yes it figures in equality for women. Think there's any quality for people of color for minorities. Were for immigrants but as it pertains to the national. I will always feel bad if you are Americans that he nationally it is the opportunity for us all to stand up together. To be unified. And to show respect for our country there'll always be issues with our countries there'll always be things were about but I think the protest because we're going to. You know. We're not sure respect the flag at six. Symbolizes everything it stands for everything our country's been through this morning. I couldn't agree more Drew Brees hangover like him even more who.