Interview: Thomas Rhett

Monday, September 25th


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So this is the second part is we've spoken to tonight who is touring. To go on vacation if you had two babies at home how's it going and he gets really good man that they can it surprised me LA the other night and then flew back home which was a lot and for London. But tickets and I'm planning come out there but on demand the world to me and your tumor out here and I love being out here but now. We have today is home stuff so yeah Isiah Thomas hello we know much you're enjoying all this we know almost worked how hard you worked you know you deserve this but. Let's be honest with other respect sandy rebbe crawl around the kids are now it's I'd rather be calling around my kids in San Diego yeah it is yeah yeah. So what is men. The most surprising thing now that that they're both here for you as a dad. I didn't know that there aren't that much attention through for us and terrible but I didn't know that watching you two year old was 24 sevenths surveillance. Com it's nothing like constantly just being on hauled it home watching your show and I think was the biggest surprise for me. But that ended pretty quick. Is now just kind of come to new normal for us so that's being watched Matt Howard 24/7. You must've had an experience that we can switch on giant tennis well apparent Sheen for something that you've done. That you be like oh my gosh can limited but we all do something like that doesn't sound you're learning as you go I mean honestly for me is whether incidents like Agatha the checklists like okay diapers good. She said she slipped while still crying boo boos and is that moment like lines like handing it to you shower you good select. Eight minutes and I'm like no matter. And did they hear that bounds I think that's our biggest sailors and that is like you know getting in this areas where your child's not crying not really not knowing how. To stop. That's like the worst June Clinton attendant moshing is mom's arms and it's just. Quiet again so for for my kid to his music. And yeah the song never there like cake. That's on but I need your arms around me I need to do you touched it fans have been there and I saw this quick brown collected. You think that John was actually gonna Air France from thinks it's an Ohio but I love that you just didn't. I need your arms around me I need to spend your time which. Put your little bouncy seat yeah crying and Nancy is that what that's stupid zone giving. It's nice bounce and Jimmy and so I would recommend any music meaning maybe your own now and nobody got of these undeclared Fred fancy the next they're not yet that they don't let an alkaline and just yet they will once they get older. And Ireland Sweden telethon went and then and so far in your tour what has been a standout moments for you. We know that we just got back into it you know we didn't we did the first latest tour in the spring and just absolutely incredible and we went you know on a season doing much of festivals and payers and so like LA tonight's goes first night back on tour and it's still good to like. I have been control of the more you know on the get these fares are vessels in the or headline it's you still kind of mercy of those people but I think. From here on our own towards count and got opening here got walker here like output this thing together come. And they came on tour in the end and kind of just having a normal are more normal schedule I think has been the highlight 'cause I guess can back on tour. As on the haunting towards a haven't seen you since person isn't stagecoach. Notes don't you were that set the coveted. Opener before they had letter that was what what we thought often durst is the headline sadness yeah how was it for it was a killer was always heard it was nose really awesome in the states coaches like it really is cool assessed on the planet com. Testing is being in that environment in the desert scene tonight 8200000 people out there really is something you can't fully explained it. Yes just incredible stagecoach honest things a bucket list headline you know like that's that's a bonus festivals that. As as George career road you have the you get invited to headline show and so but that that was that was about as good as it got for us it's also one more question from a few years ago we first. Up Ericsson gets no even at the time of your fiance can you said you guys really wanted to buy a house in San Diego you were seriously considering it are you gonna do that. Probably not now I'll see how underage son here yeah. I don't know about that property tax today. But none Indian nationals are home and you know I think. You know we have had strange dreams before we got married in and now we've kind of had kids and lives you never been married for five years I think there. Our pets is more so us just like it's about vacationing in cool spots Zenyatta is one of those spots and we'll go in Hawaii and we wishes of the beach so honestly have punish Israel established not San Diego tonight. We have we have a long time and to a certain prepared yes we have a great sentiment thank you to become the.