Interview: Jodie Sweetin

Friday, September 22nd


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Hi Jody. It's nice to meet you I'm Jimmy this is John and producers dubbed I was limping out I don't know I can't. Jody our producer is such a gigantic fan of the not only you but your show in general as she actually dressed up for this interview I'm not lying I know I day. All while I I I appreciate. Eight your dedication. Jody of course you being Stephanie tanner my name is also Stephanie see you are my favorite and you're not good I mean TGI after. I watch it every Friday with my siblings and we have cables so you'll were my show and since child actor I was always wondering this. Reliving that as your life do you have TV shows that are part of your child could then. I'm working a lot like you know I'd never bet like. In the elegant Dugard in the opener by a lot of thought. OK so Jodi what books were part of your childhood event. Yeah yeah yeah well all right then I I loved all of this but Charlie topic factory which is in the all of that and yet I didn't think I was just. Greens like. Would never. Hello don't forget James who giant peach. That even the great why. Jodie sweeten a Stephanie tanner from full house Fuller house let me ask a question I mean you have been on camera. Your entire life when they come to you when they start talking about Hayworth thickened about bring in back full house. Are you Ed are you thinking you're on your mind it's never gonna work or are you thinking this is gonna be the whole run that it became. I think we ought if that it will be all right we handle it here in your group and then and all are hearing about. It started in the world bet that error it into the market and that and that and really wanted to see it. And incorporate it out four era not only that she held it back I end. Only thing they can sit and watch that their kids. And you know everybody would enjoy it and so only if it now they're you know how is it that the but Nickelodeon any easy you don't other networks. Now he'll hurt we aren't kind of shocked that I like it could be Wii U that it would it be a really Big Apple shell. And you know when Netflix he you know art that we are picking it wanted it to bring it and in any diet. You know and picked it up we're like that this is going to be hurt and I think it was. Great things that they're right they Britney can they gave us the opportunity to really get it out of our current state. And out fairly that the networks so that something that we can you want to come up on eaten the NB non. Jody I have two questions free one kind of fluffy and light and won a little more heavy which when you want first. And let out a life or work our way up at that. Okay all right now. So does it annoy you or are you proud of the fact that women just go nuts or John stainless say like oh my god knocking off really yeah. I mean. But I have no problem it. Got that Gary Gary can't the man but he got like like Elaine on YouTube that I cannot tell you only light. Bead on you every other looking but like I know we elect about them for them eat that. Yeah okay that leads me to the next one besides gaining a family with being on that show. Com and growing up on that show what else did you learn from your time being there. You know I. Heart. I learned. You know I would not be part of something bigger than my. Are sure you where where it really close it out. Can't era that was the right now Lee is still not only her art file that for each other and you know vote in our higher. I bet you don't work also are personal life and that it and that's really important you know loved. We're back out and even there there are my and yeah I I just absolutely adore them and really important people the night. Joyce Wheaton is our guests Stephanie tanner from full house I might. The your your show is amazing to me because there's no generation that isn't it affected by my daughter's. Weren't born when that show is on and they binge watched Fuller house they know every aligning all you'll catch phrases Jessica your your clawing your was going. Is that what this is my weekend plans you don't understand it's Netflix is still with Fuller house okay and I'll Miley difference I need to know will we see some more New Kids On The Block this season because that was the best thing ever. You even now but they act apparently act. I thought what we want to come back in the game they not they ever really get back so yeah. An air or is it on the clock began so yeah maybe I could do to combat. I actually think that I sat next to Andrea AK take immediate alert. When I saw the new kids here and San Diego and my best friend almost ran her over when Joey came around. I felt bad. The object as babies that love them if you. And Jodie sweeten is our guest Stephanie tenor from full house you've been in people's homes. Since you're young a young girl and now as a fabulously successful woman who role model to so many people who have gone through trials and tribulations only to rise up like you have. A you really are inspiration to a lot of people and I think he should proud of that. Think you. I I was sick sick. And ill let it and unite right but it never. And act that that. Quite getting it. Really it that you ever back you know and and I haven't. I your site you can never I'll that I keep getting it again and I'm so all of my ever really enjoy each moment of my life and and right they'll all of it is under that yes. Right on good for you and thank you by the way for giving a wonderful daddy daughter moment this winter. While on the college tour of my oldest we are at San Francisco State and we had to go to the house and we did as my favorite pitchers ever sat out if ever we think throughout. I don't really that's really wonder why I don't like it. A lot of talk that people and pat went all out there now or how I'm and I'm brought here it was to get it. And bring you mean I didn't really act on on on one and good heart and my back all right he is much. I mean I.