Who Was Your House Guest From Hell?

Friday, September 22nd


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So the movie mother is getting horrible reviews it's bizarre what is usually hit every reviewer saying it's called it's trouble no mind list waddle waddle told his guys are my new that we aren't ordained to waddle but yeah I love that word from their model the end there's supposedly some bigger meaning underneath it about being mother earth and mother earth is he angry and blob blob blob on blacks and reds did stay up uninvited house gets this into horrible things. Well there you have it. So we're starting to think OK let's talk about some of our worst houseguest commissioner story reserve might. Other fabulous in my cousin. Brought over her boyfriend into our house we lived in Wisconsin and I made a big big dinner the moon and I never met this guy. They're married now. Good dude but I had a really bad first impression of a fall first impression of them at our dinner table my cousin says honey pot and why would you do that economic what she's you know you're gonna find out. And who sat in all of a sudden huge smelt are. Our doll Duke's first round the table dinner table and he's laughing and she's a he always does doesn't he doesn't. I keep in mind I just met him yeah keep in mind. I feel like voters anyway and you're sitting on the EMI dinner table. He kept doing it the entire feast OK and I I want I couldn't get together house found out rain Australia write into. Yeah curse that's carry with them like they did the first sunny came in my house you know I never have you think I would drive yeah. Now I know I just I mean they're just gonna block if my memory I don't know. 619570. Number one 973. Robert in Claremont robber you get a houseguest from hell story to share. Hey hey guys it's gone. My my white sister came to visit the couple months back and Ed as a way to say thank you she says she's gonna make it they're really nice dinner. And they are gone gray until she got sidetracked by a phone call and then like an hour later. The houses full of smoke and you know I'm ordering pizza and the worst part is she made me pay for it can even offer you need to say thank you. So. Yeah down one all worsened starting to die if he did I am and making dinner or severed it. Where's my food gas cup. Driver 619570. Number 1973. To Carlsbad we go Samantha. I can't I lived. Few hour delay and when I had to make fun. Element to come and hair back who need the baby and and at one point my brother and went out drinking and scenes back. Really allowed entry and and look everyone out as. And it is too much could take care of my baby and and secondly is never. And yes I think that's why I've always I'm always so. Shocked producers to have an amount and the family come here goes on gets hammered and then by. The morning it is it. Got around so much down on it up when you live annual apartment near mission valley that was always just so shocked that two toddlers. The you'd have your family stay in your plays with the men love your family soma. Of course I want them all to be with us waking up to breakfast together enjoying dinners together my dad now gets a hotel remember I mean you. We heard creek including people who don't ones right he did it was. Bad then. So great. All right 619570. Number 019 B 73. If you don't have a house guest from hell story maybe you are the house guest from I don't know if I either way share your story with us. 61957. Known number 1973. To our phone number is 619570. Number 1973. House guests from hello Kate Lynn you have a story for us. Food should act and watched TV on my couch Riley I'll clean up after gear rule book that. Oh man is this this and I'm thinking it is. Now. You have called this person. I guess I guess who it is. You know. And it says any advice if I get it right Europe tell me how would try again as a guy. Okay you there in. Father in law no. And it. They're right axles and. It really is definitely is obnoxious. I regard let's go to TNT and what has made a houseguest in your home become a really obnoxious houseguest from hell. Are there weren't good I'll hand well how long was the overstating. And I don't think we'll demonstrate that the everybody. Luckily that aren't you know what he you can help John and I settle. A little argument that that we have. I years and years and years ago I am I always had these New Year's Eve parties and one of my friends came out of the bathroom. And had this weird look on her phrase and then she walked right by me and then all of a sudden I notice because remember this is New Year's reseller Christmas tree up. Our Christmas tree lights flickered and then went off while they were plugged Guillen threw an extension cord in that bathroom so I went in thinking maybe she tripped over that cord. Well I look in my toilet tank is busted and water is spraying all over my bathroom and why they'll. Well that tree went out into now illegal. She broke her appointment to meet her how she did I don't know if you guys were lazy that she felt that she apologized and she left so. The next week obviously we have to replace this toilet in John thinks I'm wrong for not charging them for it they never they never offered to pay for it. But I didn't feel right asking. Okay where yeah I hit some big I collapsed early easily. I'd be an app probably wouldn't turn that apparently a lot out well. I'd like how it out right away that they didn't IR. Now and that's my point I don't think I ever said the use of made her pay. What I should was she should've offer yeah okay you when she didn't he should listen hey listen this isn't like. Finally a trip to broker a lamp and she broke your toilet and toilet water was spraying all over your bathroom but that's a party killer and I know I can't. Executed. Like that who cannot have been out that I would not over. But. And use it at your adult. To get out there an awkward lies. I'll. Order it right. Yeah Phillies off fern yeah you can say listen in accidents ya Dana and I would've taken it but they never did now here's the other thing that made it even worse my cousin went got a new toilet. We installed a toilet it was wrong it was defective he would take it back he brings home another toy that we go to install again Jersey defects were won't fit. Three the third point. Because of his friends. By the way did you ever see your again. Just a few times CN. When a man and he and Greg let me. Yeah. You know he's newly installed port opponent. So I heard we are a number I that's awesome big is so much CDS.