The Best Story We've Heard All Week!

Friday, September 22nd


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I don't freak out our next friend who's joining us but I wanna have his son as my own. And Winston when we see little Eli on the one I'm talking about welcome the Jon and Jimmy in the morning our friend John is a professional photographer who used to work with in Wisconsin who posted. I hilariously. Adorable video of his son that we had to share with you this morning John. More PayPal we miss you would ever and you guys. John do us a favor. Please share your hilarious story I read this on FaceBook and I made Tammy Bruce is to have come a look at it it's the funniest thing I've seen a we need a laugh man we don't laugh out of daylight today absolutely. I Tammy hi A so my weight and I I am are invited to appear after the turn a PPB and we could drive a lot of undermine the more in the new church. Never been there before we've got our arguably Eli. You lying is an active kid who loved music not movies cannot conquer. No need literature to try to challenge I'll sit still for an hour additional screen now on to iPad immediate. It helped get him through and after few minute. All the interrupted a miniature. Are we stepping never won second John. For those you good church a lot you know that a lot of times. Whoever is conducting the service whether to priest reverend or minister they invite the children in the congregation come up and sit down and talk to them as kids and all of them easily don't go crazy and in turn drive their parents crazy during the service. That's actually right in the sense that so we sent them out there and and I thought it would need to get to be like the kids serve and sometimes. The creature like draw the picture in and nick this story more relatable chaired by our console. They're all it was like a stampede off into the right now and a sure in ER I get up right and that pushed around and and that it narron and and I look up what are all being across the altar there's that we can that there are you guys rate in middle and I'm cooking I'm equipped. We'll come right now and then also on. Ladylike and what to conductors you create an armed suffrage start and certainly. And then. And Ely an Aqua connect now it's like I can go up and get a yeah. It's the song has already started. Appearance for the baby my nephew has quite big turnaround like going up there. And think. So lets kids why they had distinct and it was a production. It would actually recorded that much impact in a week. Plant's owner since being around all morning line. I call hymen. And I am and I don't get an and his eyes are real they get all sides to start or put it back to him and happy and he looked at believe I don't think he'd get. The way it Credo keep these ready you're gonna figure and Dion and Egypt capped upn and the probably everyone in our family and it was when you're pretty what were all away. We're glad we can't believe that this is going managed to conduct early in order their. You know there's going to be Procter and. And postured as. And you know the best part of the video by far. Is Eli just going with that and how many kids have enough confidence in themselves to. How does sort of crying or just stood there like really a ball monologue and he's like all right let's a tryout camp starts spinning around a little bit eased to shuck and jive and so Larry you must have been so prodding your Eli man. Yeah I would I'm wondering about the state I could have been up there and and mean I would I think it let you like you want to be there. I don't regret my hand and I mean we don't know the words again it would get to the court. Kind of caught the second time around and we're trying to get the last couple then. Stand in my pocket my brother and certainly keep you believe it happen and you all he did it can handle. Now obvious question was he like mad that you afterwards. And like it was the most normal thing yeah and what a good kid. He did our advocates think. Chandler so much garbage on faced with a angers me sometimes and watching that video yesterday would you be OK we posted that video on our kiss on face the pace ever went to see how awesome Eli is. Absolutely I would love it and I executed for what you do and and also bringing joy to people out there and knock out or ask these titles there are guys. Aren't you magic about that story is. Despite the fact you know other than the fact residents a five year old just in robbing another area here is that if you lose any older. He he would've done mountain it was a political of their damage to happen about you know it just look at the video to face budget is so cute kids on space cadet age check it out you guys are right in the. Yeah he's he's in Emery can just kind of tree on the right now. Well what's happening here only a couple. Okay good. It was awesome.