Garth Brooks Makes Us Act Funny

Thursday, September 21st


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No this is not the first time we've talked to Garth in fact we let people get close to double digits. But every time it's so unique for us because. Timmy can't grip a minor on the fact that she's loved this man. Since she started in radio I mean in worships literally worships the guy his his his his classes character. His business mind his soul as I mean do you really are. Are in love with him in and you know in a loving you know whole you know way out yet you really are. I I just can't wrap around mem my in my mind are on the success. When you are a list of three people. Or three beings. Into those are The Beatles and Elvis as far as the most records ever sold a burden and that's just. Mean it's monumental. Inning at ease just the nicest most down to earth person that's that's a gift that the talent. Also a talent. Is because your Garth Brooks getting us to emit the most crazy sell it to at it again leverage yourself with this place is this is the food and example number one. What was that sound check out staff hi John Daly. Good morning it's guard Perry got. And are thought I was under the clear what happens is your own unique laugh anyway. But this is a whole new level comes to isolate them and winning this in a way to. I am seeing behind you yet but initial and Atlanta media William sound like this is your first time talking internal. Ripping on you I just I. The this man has to make you make as good as I'm sure he wrote. All you can hear that only. That was him going right to you guys behind the scenes a lot of times I answer the following and it's they're a growing evidence of so and so but no it was just guard three. There another reason another reason there's a lot of them yet are right example number two you know two and he's going to be China and with the matter what was that sound. We are with Garth Brooks headliner at this year's stagecoach first time he's ever playing stagecoach and we just found out we can think Keith Urban and that's right at all. Most people ever met in my life. You bring the heels of her life besides the old born husband thing but you know he's servant normal what did wrong and won't. Mr. Lopez now you can. You'd think that it's just when Garth does end to the women on the show. Mountain. I know. Because something happens to me. When Garth brings up older and older full action when when many issues is that I don't like smells exact opposite end of the spectrum here and what he gets serious. Sarah knows happen until after listen back to this that the Woodruff made me sound like. Nobody street everybody was your wet from sweat or rain we all strong and hugged each other and it was. Move and great that could. And I won't be. Yeah the growth is solid. That those three together sound like it's fast that after you install it. But yeah I figured I would like irritable together that it could be like on its own little musical sodomy a song that comes on of a lot of these noises that we we had an auto tune it Garth Brooks on public and check that. That makes it. An already remember that stagecoach goes until tomorrow at eleven and the super excited about this can be such a great I agree like that this year forgeries like Jeter redundant or Brooks. Crawl rules and wrong move and crawl rules and wrong move and and actually all day. Reagan down the wrong move and it's all move and you. Had. It doesn't affect their. Own rules and.